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Looked like a puzzle to me

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63 pieces
27 solves
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  1. madgamcp3:17
  2. Robbos3:25
  3. PLG19583:37
  4. Jumble4:33
  5. morris1864:33
  6. potatomum664:44
  7. kefkef1235:08
  8. PinkysMom5:16
  9. Nancijane5:37
  10. Shian25:50


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Great puzzle .. You can great the best ones ..


Thank you, I am glad that you are enjoying them!!

Have just discovered your interesting photos. Some, like this, are really intriguing. Will choose a few to bookmark and will now follow you. Thank you.


Thanks GG, Patti and tater!!!


I love your "Looked like a puzzle" puzzles! Thanks for this one!


Made a fun puzzle! Thanks Morris!


Thanks Morris!☺️


It is a section of the back of a semi trailer used for storage. Some of the snow on the roof melted, dripped down and formed little ice cycles.


A really enjoyable puzzle it is too, but what is it?


Interesting enough to get me to solve it, Morris ☺ but I still have no idea as to what it may be, other than a chilly looking puzzle ☺ Thank you.

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