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If You Like Small Homes

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Well I feel like I was being nosy. Honestly I wish I was an empty nester and had a large home. I really like space, but I complain about cleaning up my 517 feet of space. I feel like it's a little small, and would to upgrade to 800 feet. But that takes more money than what I have. The economy isn't really going so well, so I am trying to be happy with what I do have. But my mind doesn't always work that way.


Not nosy, curious..our children grew up and left. Moved across the country so we knew no one was coming back and visits would be far apart. A whole upstairs that went unused. A lot of yard, deck & house to take care of. Just too much. Everything I loved taking care of and doing in my early 40's became chores and work in my 60's. I miss the space a big, old house provides and I'm a little crazy too because I want it back, lol.


Sometimes I look at the show Tiny House Hunters, and I honestly laugh sometimes. I think quite a few have regrets. One show had a family of eight people, parents and 6 boys, living in a house that was 600 feet.

I know I should not ask, but why did you leave the larger house? If you never reply, I'm sorry for being nosy.


I thought I could downsize, was looking forward to it. We left a big house for a small one and I just can't seem to make do. Not enough space for me. I have tall ceilings and alot of natural light but it's still a small space that feels confining and it's way bigger than that cute one up there.


I live in 517 feet of space. For me I would not like anything smaller.


We have downsized twice in the last few years and now live a small apartment, but that is it. This gorgeous little house would make a good place for Munchie and Willow I think Rosee :-)


I do think pictures of these houses look good, but for me that is where it stops. I would have serious trouble being in something that small.


I hope to down size in the future, but although this home is cute, it`s just a bit to small for us.

They look sweet in pictures!

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