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Waterfalls and Fountain - outside my "hotel" as I left late afternoon 5 Nov '12

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  1. Bethamus7:56
  2. kathy60167112:38
  3. RetBusTch12:45
  4. skylablue13:06
  5. dkektk13:08
  6. bywayof10413:45
  7. HenrikBM14:35
  8. alene114:42
  9. gnatsy15:27
  10. TLCR6016:02


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Thanks. It's six weeks today and I'm feeling better than I have in a long time. Perhaps it's partly the brightness and joy and hope of the Season but it's also just being well again. I'm really grateful and now have to get going on with my life.


So true! I hope you are feeling great. Thanks for the fun and beautiful puzzle!


So very true!!!


Thanks to you both. I'm really feeling good now about the future. But isn't it funny that when you're really busy and have just soooo much to do, you would like the time to rest BUT when you are required to rest, you really have so many things you want to do!!!


Six weeks will probably go by faster than you think, Kate. The fact that you were able to take these pix tells me that you are already on the road to being better than new. Take advantage of the rest time! Carole


Six weeks or so, I'll be good as new - maybe better!!!! In the meantime . . .

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