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My favorite place, just around the corner

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  1. JillianB0:30
  2. 4wings50:31
  3. LLLZ0:34
  4. treker0:35
  5. JennyG660:42
  6. Ianto0:43
  7. Pekaji0:46
  8. laolpela0:49
  9. Sajymie0:49
  10. jen70:52


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Hello dear Nev, thank you so much. Have you had a nice holiday? It must have done you and Marge a lot of good, I'm sure.
Meanwhile, the Jigidi world continues here. Thank you for visiting me, I really appreciate it.


Dat bezoek zal jullie wel een serieuze boost gegeven hebben hé. Ik ben echt blij voor jullie! ♥♥♥


Jaklien, een mooie groet, terug vanuit België !
Na een prachtig bezoek aan ons jongste dochter in Zweden. :-))) ♥


Nicky, like I told Jerry, you're right. Thanks for clarifying ♥


Thanks Jerry, Niccolino is right ☺Rapeseed oil is pressed from the seed of the rapeseed plant.


@niccolino59 Thanks. I don't recall seeing it around here.


Flowers look like oilseed rape, jerrys, (which we have lots of over here) but couldn't swear to it. If it's oilseed the farmers wait until the flowers have gone over & the seed pods come, then they harvest them & extract the oil.

Looks like a beautiful peaceful place, Jaklien.


What a great vista! What are the flowers? Is this a commercial crop? How fortunate to have this close by. Thanks for sharing it.


☺, my pleasure Jill.


Such a beautiful field. A delight, thank you


I'm well aware of this, Beverly. Thank you for stopping by.

you are in heaven....It looks so pretty. Thank you. 7-24-2020

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