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  1. cloudje0:25
  2. wjl10150:29
  3. PhilBre0:33
  4. Harleydgp0:33
  5. hadzi0:34
  6. mickb0:34
  7. 3wishes0:36
  8. djp0:39
  9. gecrissy0:40
  10. MeShell0:40


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How painfully funny!




Don't_You_WISH!! ◔̯◔


Maggie !!!! Are you flirting with me . . . ?



Oh, Dave. That dawg has an attitude!! Hi Dave! ◕‿↼


That cat has an attitude !!!!



I'm glad you're hanging around, Liz. Smart woman to not compete with Joe's Place, lol! No, post away -- any love of Joe's...
We're a loyal bunch. I'm happy you finally joined us!


Hi Maggie, you are right he is a great person. He keeps me laughing most of the time. He got me hooked on the puzzles and I love it so I will probably post many more. He also gets me going on some of the old music that I thought I didnt know. I have 2 more puzzles to post but I will only post 1 a day so he can keep up his music posts.


Hi Liz! I'm a member of Joe's Place, and let me say you've got a great guy there (and, no, Sir Joe, I'm not writing this because I know you'll read it!). His music history puzzles and all the interaction they've generated--the friendships, the warm support and caring--I can honestly say is the absolute best feature of Jigidi! He brings us joy every single day--even those days when he's in pain!

I love your puzzle ~ I have cats like that (but, because they're watching my every move right now, I'll just add that they get do touchy-feely too! Welcome, and I hope we'll see you at Joe's Place (I should say Sir Joe -- I'm sure he's told you about *that*!!

Peace, Liz ~ Maggie (Oh, I'm the new Queen -- long story)!

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