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Clouds before a thunderstorm

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Taken September 20, 2022
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Thanks, Mila. Hope your weekend is good, too. And, yes, people still don't heed the warnings, unfortunately.


You think everyone knows but still happens.
Lovely weekend!


There was a person killed once in Minnesota when a lightning storm came up during his golf game and he took shelter under a tree. Not a good idea, Mila, so true. I've seen that happen when seemingly out of the blue there was a lightning strike.


I am glad the storm came and left without consequences. The winds are the ones that mess up everything. Though lighting could be treacherous.
I recently saw in the news a young lady that used a "tree as shelter" from a storm... Since I was a little girl, that means for 60 plus years I heard my grandma always reminding us NOT to be near a tree during a storm. In Florida you can even have lightning out of the area that is raining.



We did have a fairly brief thunderstorm, Mila. When I saw the clouds, though, I didn't realize what they portended.
They were certainly dramatic, pihovatavopice. And unusual.
I really didn't, Ianto. I guess my "head was in the clouds"!
You're welcome, Jacki. I glimpsed the clouds through a high window of the home I was visiting and HAD to go out to see them better.
They were amazing clouds, Sylvia. I didn't realize they were scary at the time.
And they DID signal a thunderstorm, Jillian, only I didn't perceive it!
Just to some friends' house about 30 miles away, Mila.


Traveling again Sis?


Gorgeous sky but threatening warning. Thanks Li


Angry clouds, they are looking scary!


WOW! Spectacular photo! Thank you Li!

You did know that it was coming.


scary clouds


Li!!! PW is back! No storm please. Did you have one?

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