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Double Smash Bacon Cheeseburger

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From Reddit user pizzalogan75.

One commenter wrote: "what a monster. I want to roll in it"
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  1. lordmojo47:12
  2. busmane57:27
  3. Delun1:09:38
  4. veruka1:11:47
  5. Helencp31:14:47
  6. nanadar1:23:51
  7. dopeyjohnson1:29:06
  8. Mischka1:38:51
  9. MIMIBAR1:45:27
  10. dpcrib1:54:57


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Lets see, back then, a burger probably cost 25 - 50 cents. Yup, cheap ass.


Lol. We'll be eating with spoons. True story, a friend was there: When the first McDonald's opened in South Florida, the manager asked the four employees if they wanted to try one of the burgers. They were a new sensation, so the guys said sure. The manager then cut a burger into fourths and gave each of them a piece. What a cheap schmuck!


So you really are hungry after all. I can cut this. lets see, 16 quarters in a half…….




I would let Hoff carve, but I think our quarters will be quite can carve!! dj


Excellent plan! Which of us will carve?


This one looks like we could quarter it and still be full. Care to share?? We will give Hoff the other two quarters (that makes 50% or half if he needs more clarification). lol

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