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For the cat lovers - Limpy

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Our daughter lives in the country and for some reason lots of lost, or maybe dumped, cats are coming to their house. They have about 20 cats that they take care of. They all have a name, the kids love them all, and vice versa.
They all get vet checked, spayed and neutered, fed, and get a warm place to sleep.
Lots of times the cats show up pregnant. The babies are fostered until they are 6-8 weeks and then go to an adoption agency.
In the next few weeks I will post some of her cats.

This is Limpy's story.
Limpy was born in our camper to a cat that was pregnant when it was dumped here. Limpy came out with severely crooked back legs. A vet wanted to put her to sleep, but I made my own littl splints for her and changed them daily in order to try to get her legs straight. It took a few months but her legs are now 95% normal. She will be 8 this year and has never had a problem walking or running.
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Niccolino..little kittens have always sharp claws.
Roerick...all the care is done by our daughter and her husband. I only convey the stories.


What a gorgeous face and a wonderful ending to a rather sad beginning. Thanks for all you and your daughter do for the animals, Ladywil---you are both tops in my book!!!


Wow! Just look at those sharpened claws and those jewelled eyes!


Wat een lief poesje .


Thank you jubatis...It is my daughter who does all this as she lives in the country and has the space


How I wish more people would take the responsibility you have, spay, neuter and repair waifes to adoptable love bugs. Well done. You are good folks for looking after these little helpless waifes.


Thank you all. You should see Limpy running around. She loves it.

So glad Limpy had another chance at a good life. She deserved it as your daughter deserves much gratitude for what she does.

Thank you for sharing this precious kitty's story. What beautiful eyes.

So cute. The story you told is heart-warming. Thanks for sharing.


What a beautiful face!! What a wonderful story!! Your daughter is a very special human!! :)

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9 March 2017 - 29 June 2014
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