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Kit Cat loves his new bed and wrapping paper balls

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  1. babray3:13
  2. rrfan3:13
  3. webpeggy3:18
  4. Horn3:56
  5. krenov4:06
  6. calluna4:22
  7. Hela624:32
  8. tatomana4:52
  9. ab13245:36
  10. 1numbersgirl5:59


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Webpeggy reminds me of a story my folks would tell, of a doctor friend who one Christmas got his son a model train set. Dad played with the train all day and son played with the boxes! ☺☺☺


Yes, poor Kit Cat didn’t get any real presents. Actually he did; just didn’t care about them. But he was so pleased with the fine box. It is nice and deep so he can get all the way back there and not be seen. He can also get on top and not flatten it! That is different for him as he has grown to be a big boy.
Things are going fairly well, calluna. He seems very happy in his job taking care of mom and also being sure he runs the house.


Nice to see you, Kit Cat! He's looking good....hope all is well.
That's a pretty terrific double-wall box. Isn't it hilarious that amidst the gazillion dollar cat toy/accessory industry, they always love boxes and scrunched up paper. :D


They love their boxes


Perfect! :-)

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