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Jigsaw Geode

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“Massachusetts-based design studio Nervous System writes unique computer programs that aim to imitate processes found in nature. These systems produce housewares and jewelry based on organic forms, creating pieces such as algae-inspired necklaces and 3D printed leaf-shaped lamps. The company designed a geode jigsaw puzzle modeled after slices of agate, a type of rock characterized by its repeated colorful bands.

“Every geode puzzle designed by Nervous System is completely different. The studio’s computer simulation ensures that natural variations influence the puzzle’s shape, color, and pattern, essentially “growing” the artificial geode in a similar way to how it would be formed in nature. Puzzles are each cut from birch plywood and sold at 180 or 370 pieces. You can view and purchase dozens of other original agate designs in the Colossal Shop.”

Courtesy of Colossal
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You're welcome, Puggywuggy!

Thank you!


That's okay, Pat. Nobody will notice. :-)


You're welcome, Jim and Janet. I appreciate your visits and comments!


Thanks, Bill. I made a mess of that one. :-)


Wow! Thanks Bill for this and the info. Their website is so interesting, full
of impressive designs in many areas and their willingness to share and
invite people to use the software is really exciting!
Good trouble I think...!
And thanks @eagleboi Jim for the recommendation!


Yes, patience which I have but eyes not lol. I could work them I'm sure, the pieces are so oddly shaped which might also be a hindrance/ As far as the video you linked to, did you follow the following videos after it? I went cross eyed through out all of it lol. Thanks buddy, peace be with you my friend.


Jim, I think they would be a lot of fun to solve, provided you are patient and not in a hurry. This short video shows how they are made:


A puzzle within a puzzle, unique and must be great to work on. Thanks Bill, stay safe.

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