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My caravan on a nice camping site in Rockanje; lots of space for each caravan...

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  1. Kerryw730:53
  2. auntmom70:58
  3. Ianto1:00
  4. alias2v1:01
  5. wigma1:08
  6. wshealy1:09
  7. hartlova1:19
  8. Igelnasen1:21
  9. Raaike1:30
  10. Berroye1:31


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Thank you! (✬‿✬)

Have a great day.


Wishing you, and Lia, and all, a pleasant Monday, Ianto! ☀️

You as well gogogo:-( I get that sometimes as well.


Lia, thanks for lending this puzzle site to our commentary. ☀️

Ianto, At one point this morning, I couldn't access Jigidi - that didn't last long, thank goodness! ☺︎

I hope that is also the reason.

Sorry about the delay. I hit post and it froze on me.


We can always HOPE that those who are gone, have left for happy reasons...

Same here. I also wonder. It is sad when some one is here for some time than is just gone. I feel the same way. Many do leave a note when they going away.


Sometimes I notice quickly, other times not so quickly, but when I notice, I wonder. That can be followed by worry/concern, and eventually sadness, if some one does not return within a few months...

True, I do the same thing, if some one is not here for more that two days.


Worriers galore, because we care! ♥︎☺︎♥︎

That it did, and I know that there are worriers here.


Glad all went well at the wedding, Ianto - thanks for letting us know. ☺︎

gogogo, the wedding was great. My niece look wonderful.


I lived in a campground from 1995 to 2007. I miss it I use to have a campfire a lot.
It was so nice and quite.

Thanks, that would be great.


If I see anyone wondering, while you are away, I will post comment that you are away for happy occasion, and for only a week. :-))

I will let her know.

it might be, that is why I am letting a few people know. I hope that they will be.


Wishing your niece much happiness in her marriage! Yes, I imagine your absence will be noticed and folks will wonder and be concerned. But you will return in a week, and folks will be relieved and happy to see you back. :-))

Thank you very much gogogo. I will be attending my niece's wedding.

I do try my best and i love the puzzles that are posted. I know that people worry when someone is gone for more than a day of two.


@Ianto Hope your week away will be a good one for you. You will be missed greatly here at Jigidi - I see your name on so many leaderboards, and you solve many puzzles and leave comments generously each day.

That you do.

I will be away for a week, starting later today. I will do your wonderful puzzles when I get back.


Ianto: Indeed!

Gogogo: There are so many nice, small camping sites in Holland. With 10 - 60 places..... Of course there are big ones too; well run... but I prefer the small, quieter ones!

Anne: Het weer is helemaal prima voor mij!! En een prettige, simpele camping De Houten Paardjes, vlak aan het duin en niet ver van het dorp / zee.


Je hebt een lekker plekje zo en het weer is ook nog wel te doen.


Pleased for you and Bambi, that you found this nice camping site, Lia. Thanks for sharing. ❤◡❤

Lia, you and Bambi have a great life.

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