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Maine shell of a house

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There is now a roof over the second floor. As you can see by the cars we have quite a few individuals putting this house together. It is quite the process to build a house and watching it being created is amazing.
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Was thinking it went there but failed to tell you. Senior moments ...


Got it!!! For some bizarre reason it went into junk email. I don't consider your emails junk.


I sent it again, hope it will reach you this time, as it was successfully sent, (it said there). Used your new email (outlook)...


No, I didn't get your mail. Did you send it to outlook? The other email address no longer works since I no longer live in Rochester. Sometimes things get here a little slow so I'll keep looking.


It is easier to supervise indeed since you have a contractor to build it for you. I wish all the best and hope you will finish it soon and put all your things in place.
Did you get the mail?


Just the two of us to start. In the US this is not considered a large or a small house. It's the norm. We are very spoiled. There will be no carpeting to make it easier to clean. If we live long enough, my plan is to move the two of us (hopefully) or the survivor to the first-floor en suite bedroom which will also have an exit to the porch. The bedroom will also have a small round table and small sitting/reading area. We will then bring someone in to take care of us and the rest of the house and the barn will be for their use.

The problem with my plan is that taking care of disabled, aged individuals is one of the hardest jobs ever so we shall see......... We would need to find the right person for the job. It's very expensive, and the care questionable, when you go to a nursing home. I'm trying to plan against that outset. It's really anybody's guess what the future will bring but I've always lived in the future. I guess I'm just a planner for all and any outcomes.

We don't get stressed out by the building process since we're here watching it and Roy's also working with the builder. We are terrible stressed about all our belongings. What does the word downsize mean? LOL We have a lot of stuff because we had no children and Roy's health (severe asthma) made it dangerous to have pets so we collected "stuff" and we like our stuff which is mainly about animals and interests, all kinds of animals plus lighthouses, dragons, beer steins, etc.


I don't want to go through the stress of building a house Joanne, never again. so stressful when we did it in-house...

You have a very big house many of you will be living there?


Hi dbnc2, It must have been exciting watching your husband build your house. The house would have so much more meaning. My husband is capable of building a house but there are time and age restraints. However, if the workers' have a role for him, he readily takes it up and is having a ball. Meanwhile, I'll be doing puzzles and talking to my Jigidi friends.


Hi Bekkabee, I've been called a pessimist over the years but I know myself. I don't take frustration or disappointment well at all. I've found this attitude works for me because I'm always so excited when things turn out well. My attitude turns things more positive which is often. Thanks for your comment.


looking good
meany years ago i watched our house being built
just my husband and another man
i thought it was going so slow
we want to see your home when it is finished


I think you have a good attitude. That way you won't be constantly frustrated. This is a great picture for the theme this week: Home, Sweet Home!


Yes, we are both concerned as to how we are going to move ALL (too much) stuff in before the snow flies. I understand the sheet rock and inside flooring, plumbing, electrical, etc. take longer than the framework so we shall see..... I'm not going to be optimistic we'll be in before it gets really cold because I don't like to be disappointed. I'd rather be conservative and then, hopefully, pleasantly surprised.


Oh it is getting so exciting. You must be just jumping out of your skin to get settled in before Winter sets in...............Wendy

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