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So rich and regal - would love a robe made out of this pattern!


Pretty nette!


Hi Teresa, so pleased you think it's beautiful and love the colors, thank you! ༺❁༻


Yes - it really is beautiful enlarged! I love the shades of gold and the other colors and the soft texture. (✬‿✬) - Teresa


Hi Janet, love your description and the WOW too, thanks and hugs! ༺❁༻


WOW! Nette this is fabulous, like a gorgeous olden days scroll. Thanks and hugs.


Hi Shirley, your first thought was correct, I made this from stained glass color bars that I made and never posted and found in a folder a few days ago, perhaps I will post it later, glad you think it's lovely and I can see the soft muslin fabric you describe too, thanks! ༺❁༻


Hi Willy, so pleased you like it... I was unable to leave comments or bookmark puzzles while they were down, so glad you came back to leave a comment, thanks you! ༺❁༻


Hi Bobbie, thanks, happy you like it! ༺❁༻


Hi Ardy, so glad you think it's lovely, I really like this, one of my faves that I've done, thanks! ༺❁༻


My first thought was of stained glass then when I solved it, it looks more like a soft muslin fabric, lovely whatever it was created from, Thanks, Nette.


I guess my comment disappeared. This was right before they went out of the air.
This reminds me of something antique and beautiful.


So pretty, great colors. Good one, nette☺♥☺


It takes enlarging it to see all the many shades and colors in this one, Nette. Very lovely. Thanks.


Hi Barb, thank you, always happy to have comment from you! ༺❁༻


I agree, it sure is pretty and I like the colors too. Thanks, Jeanette ☀️


Hi Wendy, thank you, pleased you think it's pretty! ༺❁༻


Nicely done nette, this is very pretty............Wendy

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