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Cricket on Meopham Green. Photo by Jerry Clarke

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  1. Janus5:31
  2. asy55:48
  3. dartman19655:52
  4. HenrikBM5:55
  5. starship16:01
  6. gemstone6:01
  7. wyona466:09
  8. kevins35146:18
  9. ebkrueg6:29
  10. sueswan6:37


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Hi Phyllis and eb, I'm surprised that they can play cricket on this green as it's surrounded by houses and a main road runs close by, but as you say this is a very English scene...Sue


Time 6:56... nice puzzle Sue, reminds me of the days we would go to watch Dad play for Monsantos' at Spytty Lane [Newport, Mon] I know of only one 'village Green' where crocket is played here. in Cambridge, the most English of all the NZ towns. There are probably others but I just know of this one.

Beautiful spreading Oak trees around the 'Green' very picturesque, very English.We are not often there on a Saturday but our daughter who lives there says every Saturday, when its fine there is a match. I owe you an EM - Phyllis


I think it's one of those games that's more fun to participate in than watch.


I don't get it myself. I'm not into sports much but if I was going to watch something it would be Rugby, very manly...Sue


I will never understand what my cousin sees in this game. Lol

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