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Theme - Dogs, Cats and Small Pets

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Fuff playing hide and seek
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  1. Ianto0:28
  2. retiredwizard0:31
  3. Calliel0:34
  4. racoon0:35
  5. maryoz20140:37
  6. yarnover0:37
  7. snooker0:40
  8. peggy660:41
  9. Melinda120:41
  10. ekopug10:42


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@jyl, you okay? Haven't seen you for over a month. And you haven't posted puzzles for several years. I've really enjoyed looking at many of your puzzles, and doing puzzles of cats--yours, those you petsat. -Patsy


Thanks for your interest, Melinda.


Beautiful cat!


The "M" on her forehead is supposed to brand her as a tabby, according to something I read somewhere.


gorgeous kitty!! I will try to find out what's that coloring called.


You are probably right, Marian, but it made no difference to me; I was just glad to take her from a dysfunctional family with an untrained golden retriever who loved to chase her. Thanks for your interest. ♥☺♥


I had a cat named Tori that looked similar and I adopted her from the University's Animal Tech program and they deemed her a Norwegian Forest Cat, I googled that and lo and behold its true.


It's the ruff that sort of gives it away. She must have been at least part MC. You must have loved snuggling up to her. They stay so long in our memories.


Thanks for your interest, retiredwizard. So far as I know, she was no particular breed, a "domestic" of unusual coloring. A friend had a short haired version of the same colors and was told by her vet that her coloring was "one in a million." I don't know much about her history.


Was she a Maine Coon jyl? She looks happy hiding there.


Thanks, Floyd, but I was the lucky one. Her second home was a rescue-based organization that adopted her out to my neighbor. She and I got to live together whenever they travelled, so we both benefitted for the last seven years of her life.


Lucky kitty.


Exceptionally sweet cat too, snooker. Mine was her fourth and last home; when she became mine she seemed relieved that she was with me. A great companion.

A lovely looking cat - such pretty and unique fur.

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