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Thread count embroidery - Jefferson Memorial - Washington, D.C.

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  1. anettka851:01
  2. evina561:17
  3. nela091:19
  4. dukeycash1:24
  5. patten1:43
  6. nam1131:45
  7. Gigigigigi1:47
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Am too slow to be in the LB...


These are beautifully crafted Ardy, where are they now?


Thanks, Suzy. One of my early postings.




The cherry blossoms and the Tidal Basin help to make this one attractive. Thanks for coming by.


Love it thanks Ardy


Josie, I am delighted that you saw and solved one of my puzzles. I'm not on my list either so we can be slow together. Thank you, dear friend.


Dear Ardy, I don't make a lot of puzzles, but now and then I do snoop, look at what I found, you do counted cross stitch, and beautiful work too. I am not on the list, I am much too slow, but I was here, thank you, Josie


Night night, Dagmar.


It is bedtime now, I just finished Jans big puzzle and its midnight. :)) Even a bit late for me, because it will be near one o'clock until have settled down for the night. LOL,
Your unfinished piece, sounds like the one I left undone. I remember so many shades of green and purple that I only could work it well when I had them sorted all out and I could work for many hours at a time, but as I had to drop it for one or the other reason all the time I just never got round again to sort it all out. :))
Thanks for the information about Independence Hall, I was just too lazy to look it up.
And now off to bed before I write another novel. LOL, Enjoy what is left of your evening and good night. :))

PS. I'm looking forward to your Danish shop signs. :))


Hi Dagmar, Thank you for taking the time to work my puzzles. I know you like the designs, kaleidos, etc. and larger sizes but these are small pictures and I thought the smaller size was better. I think lots of people liked this one best judging by the number of solves.

I also have an unfinished one.which will not be completed by me anyway. The shadings got so involved with using one thread of one color and a second thread of another hue and both were close to the color of the material. I couldn't tell where I'd been or where I needed to go. I finished all but the sky and some outlining for tree branches etc. I'm not even sure where it is now.

Independence Hall in Philadelphia is where the Declaration of Independence was signed. The delegates had been meeting there. It's also where the Liberty Bell was hung that was rung when the signing was completed.

Watch this space. There will be more. I have one set of shop signs from Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen that includes phrases in Danish. Hanne has checked the translation that I had and has filled me in on the background of the sayings. They all seem to be from children's songs. I'll be including her information when I post those. They are not quite ready yet. I need to photograph again some of them as the pictures did not come out good enough for posting.

I always love your novels. I know you don't have time to write them so I appreciate it even more. It must be near bedtime for you. Let me wish you a good night with pleasant dreams. I know you don't indulge in these much but I'm sending a little hug along too. Hug.


Hi Ardy, I finally have seen them all, as usual I'm late but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate your wonderful needlework. Instead of writing you comments all over the place I have decided to settle here.

The Jefferson Memorial is the one I like most. I suppose it is because of the beautiful flowers and colours. I knew all of the buildings except the first one the Independence Hall, Philadelphia. The Statue of Liberty looks great, and for you it had to be bell pulls. LOL Many things in you life revolve around bells.:))

I love cross stich embroidery, I always loved to see the image grow and when gradually out of a maze of colours and threads something beautiful emerged like your Washington Memorial with Its colourful gardesn, I have done a lot of it in my younger days, now I also would have problems with my eyes especially in the small ones when I only used one space for the stich. :)) There would be no way of doing this now. It has been a long time since I didn't finish the last one. It was just too complicated and for ten years it has been patiently waiting to be finished, but I don't think it ever will be. I would need too much time.

Very often I have though that doing puzzles, especially the big real ones are a very similar activity as embroidery, the only thing is that it is quicker. :))

Thanks for showing me all your marvels. They are beautifully done and I have enjoyed looking at all of them.

LOL, instead of comments on all the puzzles, you get a novel here. :))


Thanks Barb. It took me 2:56. This was my Jigidi of earlier days when my eyesight was better.


This is a lovely series, just did this one at 2:18. Thanks for letting me know about them, Ardy .... will check in on your puzzles from now on. :-)


You're welcome, Ank. Thanks for coming by.


Beautiful Ardy, thanks


You are so very welcome, Jan. I love having you come by.


Wonderful stories! Great puzzle! Thank you so much, Ardy! (AND Hanne!)


That sounds like great fun, Hanne. I didn't get into this until my late 20's. Most of the pieces I did were Clara Waever but this one might have been Eva Rosenstand. I still have Clara Waever catalogs numbers 7-19. Number 19 is dated 1976-1977. This bell pull was not in a catalog. Rather I found it in a craft shop here is the USA. I ordered almost all of my patterns from Copenhagen.


It's so funny to think about it! But I started doing counted cross stitch when I was 7-8, very simple things, but then they became more and more complicated. I had absolutely no problems with what to do when I was a teenager, I sat in my room with my embroidery and listened to the latest new on Radio Luxembourg, when I wasn't together with my friends. Many of my friends embroidered too or we knitted and made clubs where we met and had something nice to eat and drink depending on our mothers' good will!! Actually they were good times, very relaxed!!


Oh, I've wondered - are they Eva Rosenstand patterns?? They are so very detailed that they easily could be!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Building #4 of six on the bell pull designed for the American Bicentennial, 1976.

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