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Continued honoring Memorial Day - Without the US of A, the allies could not have won WWII, but at the same time, the US must remember many nations fought along side of the US troops (1)

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Near landings on D Day are flags of nations who fought together on the Normandy Coast.
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You are absolutely right. The USA combined with English, French, Canadians, Chinese, Australians, New Zealanders, and others, to defeat the Axis Powers and put the pieces back together after the conflict. None could have done it alone but a large part was the participation of the USA. We were the provider of much of the arms and supplies needed. We will never know but without the arms provided by the USA, the other probably would have fallen one by one. I still believe that the USA is the greatest nation on the world. We do not fight to gain territory, we fight so others can live free. My fear is that if there is another conflict it will be here, not overseas, and who will pick up and put the pieces back together then?

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