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Katz pastrami with pickles and root beer (cream soda!)

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Posted on Reddit by PTV420, who received love and hate in the Comments section:

"That's a cream soda. I'll see myself out."

"Here's what I've always wondered: why does a cream soda go so well with a Jewish deli sandwich. I love cream soda at other times too, but it doesn't hit as good as when it accompanies pastrami or corned beef on rye with some Russian dressing and Swiss cheese. Man I'm hungry."

"$25.70 got dam!"

"Yep welcome to nyc."

"Picture doesn't do it justice but each half is larger than a regular sandwich. Their cheesecake slices are also comically large and freaking transcendent."

"It is actually worth it as a treat. Lord help you if you lose your ticket before you leave. You get the max charge of $200 or something along those lines. That being said, this place is a gem."

"I'm confused. What's the point of the ticket?"

"As a New Yorker and who has been there, the place is a total rip off and it's obnoxious. It's so overrated and expensive for a mediocre sandwich."

"I may be heretical for saying it about this NYC institution, but I found it to be a ridiculously overpriced tourist trap."

"They charge extra for the ketchup."

"I had an $18 pastrami sandwich in Seattle the other day. Best sandwich of my life. So much money and effort goes into making quality pastrami that it kinda makes sense. If I were to make everything from scratch, it would still cost like $9 per sandwich, and it is a LOT of work."

"how much is a sandwich like that?"

"With fries it's close to $40. Totally worth it though."

"dang for $26 that sandwich better brush my teeth on its way in and wipe my ass on its way out for me."

"$25.90 for everything pictured.
Source: the picture."

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I have seen this on the Food Network. $27.50(!) is a tad bit much more than I want to spend on a sandwich! Besides, I like my pastrami sliced thin...thin...thin!!!!! :-)) dj


wow! glad i live in the boonies. i can drive 10 minutes and eat at Applebees with a huge mixed drink, plus tax and nice tip for less than this meal cost. there are many places less than 30 minutes away that charge less for soup or appetizer, entree, and dessert with soda or tea for less than $25. the worst part of owning a home here are the NYS taxes.


Mmm. this meal does look good. For that price, it better taste as good as it looks.


Things have changed since Harry Met Sally.
I’ll have what she’s having.

I will take a RC Cola and no mustard, please.


I have never been to that deli, Fiona. You can't even SEE the SAND in the wich.


1.) One Commenter wrote, "I knish I was there…"

@ParsonWayne, were YOU there??

2.) Another said, "While Katz's Deli is great, I don't think it's worth the song and dance they make you go through to get in there. It's always been a huge line any time I stopped by."

What is this, Seinfeld's Nazi soup boutique?

3.) Another said, "I once accidentally threw away my ticket before paying. They were not happy."

Several people made similar comments. So, what magical properties do these tickets have??

4.) This is the question that *I* have been burning to ask:

"What even is pastrami?"

"Not sure if you are familiar with Corned Beef, but it's kinda a smoked corned beef that's more heavily covered with seasoning. If not, it's typically a brisket that is soaked in brine and heavily coated with pepper and seasonings. Sometimes using a light layer of mustard or something to help adhere the seasoning. Then it's smoked in a smoker, like bbq brisket. Then it comes out of the smoker and it's kept in a steamer for a bit."

Yeah, that IS a lot of work.

5.) Helpful for newbies like me:

"I take it they don't offer cheese?"

"Yup they do. It's not a kosher deli, just Kosher style."


I learned a lot from a single puzzle!

Come to Jigidi Island for the puzzles, stay for the friends and the free education!!

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