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Don't Laugh

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  1. Puzzlher1236:57
  2. montuos7:28
  3. bob19578:04
  4. jbugs8:51
  5. Jmoody9:08
  6. Neeters19:51
  7. Tex_puzz9:56
  8. CWall9910:54
  9. socalcarculture11:44
  10. US_femail12:18


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its sick and wrong anyway ...
I love conspiracy because most of them becoming reality sooner or later
no matter if I laugh or cry ...


robert952, you confused me even more, but thanks for the effort! LOL!


My take:
A person named Virginia (yes, Virginia there is a Santa Clause) has been told to the the children first.

Another take is the whole state of Virginia eats kids.

The intent would be that it's a slogan inferring that the state of Virginia puts its children's welfare first.

I'll just stick with our somewhat controversial:

North Carolina
First in Flight


I laughed but I did not understand who/what was going to eat the kids. Would someone explain?


I put this in the category of fun grammar along the lines of:

Remember, commas saves lives.
'Let's eat Grandma.'
'Let's eat, Grandma.

You're correct @CWall99 . People just don't have a sense of humor.

I was watching an interview with Jeff Dunham (ventriloquist) a couple of days ago. He talked about how as a people/nation/group we have lost our sense of humor. In the past you could joke about people and groups and politics. People took it at face value as a joke. They could see the humor and absurdity of things. Now, everyone takes things personally.

I think people have lost their critical thinking ability and can't accept there's other view points. Yes, you might be offended by the comments. However, we need to appreciate other viewpoints. Comedy can take viewpoints to an absurd level so help illustrate the points.

It is impossible to NOT laugh!!!


What? They banned this plate? Some folks have no sense of humor!


I am a horrible person, and I was very sad when this tag got censored after complaints.

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