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Prince Edward Island oysters
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And I’ll be right over and we can have an oyster festival!


I'd probably choke on big ones like this, but I sure could eat some fried..!
There are oyster bars in some of the casinos and I'll get a poor boy sandwich.
They fry them in cornmeal... I like the batter fried ones best. Now I've got a taste
for some...!


I don’t like them that big, but many people do. I like the smaller ones, jeribar8.
Today you can probably get them sent to you, but the price might be high.


Wow.. Those are really large oysters. The ones I used to get were from Florida and
they are half that size. I've eaten them raw, but prefer them steamed or grilled. Just
don't like having to open the shells. I like them fried too. Hard to find here in the desert.


Totally agree!





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