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Dresden Plate for Chrissie (Foxymoron)

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1 of 35 Dresden Plate quilt squares I'll be making over the next couple weeks. It's a scrappy quilt using leftover fabric from various quilts I've made over the last 20+ years, there will be reds, blues, greens, purples etc. I won't be able to complete the quilt until stores open again and I can buy batting and backing. I'll post a puzzle once it's complete.
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  1. annefar6:32
  2. aremgee6:56
  3. pcleve737:19
  4. foxymoron7:59
  5. 99goose738:15
  6. DebT8:27
  7. WeeJimr9:04
  8. Bevlaar10:05
  9. dmsieh10:09
  10. rozguillen10:27


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I'd appreciate that! Hugs back atcha, Deb :-)


Thanks again for your comments. I'll try to remember to give you a heads up when I post the finished quit. Hugs Deb


I can't wait to see this one finished! Bless your heart for inspiring me. I just need the energy to go with my inspiration. :) Digging through all my fabrics for masks I want to weep. So much! and ideas spinning in my head. I need to convince myself to first try to finish the ones still waiting to be finished. sigh... sigh . . . sigh . . .


Now I am even more impressed, Deb. That is one complex pattern!! I know enough that the pieces need to be cut to the right shapes so it will all fit together so I admire your skills in that regard. Then you have to know which pattern will go with what and you obviously have that artistic skill too. And you are making 34 more! Yikes! That takes talent :-) I smiled at your calling it a scrappy quilt - in my eyes it's so far from scrappy as to be out of sight! To a quilter scrappy means something else :-) We do the same "scrappy" thing when using polymer clay scraps and between you and me and this quilt square they frequently look better pieces than the purposely made items.
Thanks for sharing your artistry and talents!

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