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Fibonacci Sequence in Nature 4 of 4

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Also known as

the golden ratio
the divine proportion
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Oh, Robin, I know you were kidding. But I guess I thought you lived closer to your Ark construction, and not FL.

The math and the science is very technical, but the nature of the curve is recognisable to all of us. Now you're gonna have to make me make the most recognisable of math and geometry go through a little math-y moment to show how the curve of your ear is math, just so you can then look at the same old curve of your magically mathematically curving marvellous ear. :)

I hope you will read it, I will try to make it as clear as math-y mud!


I was joking, Mazy! You're right about dealing with the good and bad of where we live, cause nothing is perfect. Yes, I live in St Petersburg, Florida and we've managed to dodge hurricanes for the 20 years I've been here, and this one probably won't be any different. But it's very much on the mind of a lot of folks. Sorry for the little detour. Your puzzle series was fun, but the science of it all is way above me. Have a good night. :))


guys, guys! this is an old photo illustrating how storms follow the golden ratio. This storm was headed for Washington DC and was not a hurricane.

When we choose to live in an area, we need to be mindful it comes with the good and the bad (here, summer is blissful, winter is cold, icy, lots of snow, very dark, short days...) and that even if we don't like it, and it's even dangerous to us - our houses in hurricanes, our hips in icy streets - it is nature's balance and nature handles it beautifully. Our houses and hips, not so much! :( did not know FL had a storm on the way. Doesn't it always, though?

I'm not being flip, it just does seem a storm-battered place. There is always Phoenix for people who hate storms but love sun... Robin I didn't think you were in FL? and Jeri, where are you? I'm in south central BC (wine country) and what we miss in tornados, thunderstorms, and hurricanes, we get many months of in snow, snow, snow, icy thaw (slip!) snow, and dawn after 9am and dusk by 3pm.

My puzzle series today is to show how frequently this type of curve is found in nature. It is found in the shape of our ears and in the way sunflower seeds grow out in the flower... even in the way our (and other animals') backs curve.

I'm OK with us talking about a storm here - just know this isn't a photo of it. Now I'm going to have to lookitup!

I'm thankful for that but feel so sorry for Florida!!! Am praying all will listen and obey any evacuation orders but I know that there is always someone (or some people who think they will be alright.


It's going to smack Florida. You guys up there are in pretty good shape this time, it looks like.

is this due anytime soon - hopefully it goes out to sea missing ALL of New England.


So, can you do something about this thing heading in our direction?

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