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Fibonacci Sequence in Nature 2 of 4

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Also known as

the golden ratio
the divine proportion
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@Fowly because you left a space between the @ and the username... '@ Lyricist'. Also, you can't use punctuation ie @Fowly!

Thanks, my friends :) it's nice to know that my musings aren't always as boring to others as they are fascinating to me! Glad you guys are along on this crazy ride :)


Mazy, I know I'm a long time responding to your amazing - it's a poem! - but it took my breath away. Earth' s nest! You took my "us" (thank you! Thank you!) and spiralled it out like the arm of this beautiful galaxy.
We should go to the galactic ball on the arm of Orion.
Thank you for my Basketful of stars!


Why isn’t my @ turning blue Mazy?? Fay


Lovely sequence Mazy, Pangolin tops.
In case you and @ Lyricist haven’t noticed, Yolanda...Linchoi...has started a new series, I discovered it yesterday. Cheers to you both and hope to see your names with her puzzles. Fay.


Thought provoking, interesting and beautiful sequence, Mazy!


Well, Ly, it's an 'interpretation', an image of what we might see of us (I love your galacticly inclusive 'us') if we were a very very long way from home. It's based on what we know of the structure of home... it's been a while since I looked it up, but I think? we are in the Orion Arm, which is the more wispy in-between arm, at about 3 o'clock on the galaxy image. Between the bright outside arm, and the very bright inner arm, on the 3 o'clock side.

Anything in space that is actually seeing "us" (I do love your us) looking anything like this image, would be looking at Earth's nest, before there was an us (humans), an us (mammals), an us (heterotrophs), an us (blue-green algae), an us (basic proteins), an us (amino acids), an us (organic molecules), an us (a dead rock orbiting a young sun), an us (a bunch of primordial dust orbiting other bits of dust, and maybe finally becoming a star with some planets), an us (the primordial dust, mostly oh-so-abundant Hydrogen, along with elements forged in ancient stars - dead for billions of years - that had to burn for billions of years to turn that some more of that anciently oh-so-abundant basic Hydrogen - which has one proton and one electron - into everything from Helium to Gold. Including Carbon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen. We will do a CHON puzzle one day, those are very important elements).

I dunno about your ignorance - you recognised the artist's impression of us, and you called us, "us!" and you know beauty when you (or anything in the Milky Way) could never actually see it, because we are in it, and we could never get far enough away to admire 'us'.

Oh, now you've got me ready to post a series just for us, to see what it might look like, if we were looking at us, the same way we are looking at them (there is a galaxy you can see with the naked eye, that isn't ours).

Dear Ly, here is a basket full of stars, and elemental Hydrogen, and everything in between.

Chin and ear scratchies for Boru and Fergus. And a hug to you. You can't know what your basketful meant to me... you are as much a writer as I.


Showing my ignorance here - that galaxy, that's us, isn't it? The Milky Way? How beautiful!

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