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St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

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@Andrew2 Thanks, as always for your wise words. We smart aleck types extend our Founders' motto with ...all Others Pay Cash. But stabs a humor aside, you are certainly correct; trust is a firm foundation for dealing with anything. This morning I was given a date to look forward to: September 14!
Stay safe and well, my friend.


@jerrys Thanks Jerry for the update. You have had a tough time over the last few years I think. Last night we were thinking that it won't be long till Christmas and by that time your fusion and recovery will be over and you will be feeling a lot better (or you should be better). Now what advice can I give you? Well in the USA your Founding Fathers said "In God we trust" so as well as having confidence in the surgeon perhaps this is the time to trust God too! If it doesn't do any good at least it won't make it any worse. In the meantime hope the pain eases.


@Andrew2 Have been through rounds of back strengthening regimens. Unfortunately the root problem is synovial cysts on both the left (larger) and right between lumbar vertebrae 4&5. This problem began in February and corrective measures were put off because I determined that having the use of my extremely painful arms (achieved by the cervical fusion performed June15) was more important than mobility. Since steroidal injections have not reduced the lumbar inflammation, a surgical fusion remains the best option. Aaauuuggghhh! I will likely go through initial recovery in three months. UGH!

Penzance? Isn't that a pirates' nest? How does three or four miles become 600? Have you escaped home? (Don't you love strings of questions?) Stay safe and well, my friend.


My Son and his family live In Penzance, about three or four miles along the coast from here. It is about 600 miles from our home so we don’t get to visit very often, haven’t been this year.


@jerrys Is there any way you can prepare for that ie. exercises to strengthen the back muscles - or do you already do those exercises?


@Andrew2 I have confidence in my surgeon who did my neck fusion in June. Have had lumbar fusion before in the 1980s.


@jerrys Thanks Jerry. Hope all goes well.


@Andrew2 Have developing news about the back/hip issue. But can't go into details as anyone who "follows" you on Jigidi will also get it. Suffice it to say, I'm headed for surgical fusion in September.


Brings back nice memories. I was there many years ago, wish I had been able to go back.


Very lovely! I hope to visit the UK someday, I have met many dear online friends from there.


Thank you !


Thank you for the Cornwall puzzle.

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