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Nesting Bird

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This is the second time since I bought my house that a bird has nested in my yard. I almost ran over her while mowing, but she flew away as I approached and I saw the nest in time to drive my mower around it. I then avoided that section of the lawn so I wouldn't disturb her anymore.

We're having thunderstorms here today, and I checked on her, and she is sitting there, even with rain, thunder, and lightning.
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Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. :-))




raccoon, what a very sweet relationship you have with that little bird. Long grass at the end of the season seems worth it.


I hope you get to see the hatchlings before they go off on their own.


The only down side is the eggs will take about 4 weeks to hatch, so that part of my yard is going to be really long before I can mow it again. :D


Really pretty bird, thanks for the links.
Great driving to have missed that racoon.


I did a quick search for ground nesting birds in Tennessee and found:

And a closer picture here:


The wood and hermit thrushes, the northern junco, meadowlark and bobolink all nest on the ground, even in areas where trees and shrubs are available. These species commonly form grass-lined nests.


Do you know the type of bird racoon?
I don't know of many that nest in the grass.

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