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Is there daylight at the end of the tunnel?

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  1. Robbos0:12
  2. wjl10150:13
  3. maziz0:15
  4. gaiagirl0:16
  5. youngone0:17
  6. rootbeer80:17
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You bet . Big Hugs to you Wendy. From your friend Bev. If I may say, your friend.


I know you are Bev!! Makes me so happy we do shake hands or hug! LOL.........Wendy

Dogs have no idea this behavior might be seen as rude, because in their world, it is perfectly normal - like a handshake! . Wendy, I am doing this in jest.:)) Bev. LOL....


This is just so rude!!! ..........Wendy


LOL (:o}) -- Carol

Glad I'm not the recipient of the tap on the shoulder either - at least not in that area of my person. :)


Glad I'm not a dog (:o}) -- Carol


That cold nose! It's a dogs way of tapping you on the shoulder.

Thanks for all the comments. :)


No light at the end of the tunnel - unless the cat opens it's mouth.


Tou've never been geesed at 2:00 AM by a cold nose, Max? You don't know how to have fun! :o)

This is hilarious. Thank you y/one. 8-29-18..7:30pm


lol @ cold nose. Hadn't considered that aspect.


Depending on how cold the dog's nose is, the cat may do a sudden acceleration!


I think it's supposed to be a friendly gesture for a cat to stick her butt in your face. The dog doesn't look offended, or upset. :) -- Carol


Great photo our Bella does this to Bandit everytime he comes in, he just ignores her, like this cat☺

Very possible, ehes. :)

Looks like it, Judyly. They just woke up and the cat is stretching. :)

I'd say he is, Returner. You know how dogs like to sniff butts. LOL




Of course! Necessarily! No excuses! Long temper! Had enough, Max?


This is all RitaTen's fault.


Reprimand me if this is too crude, but is the bulldog staring directly down the tunnel you had in mind?

Appears that the dog was in the chair first! Or they were sleeping together!


Perisher! Max! That tour was for tourists. From that the tunnel can be found in just about everything!


Let me try again: @RitaTen



I believe this belongs on @RitaTen's 'anal boat ride puzzle.

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