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Embroidery Raccoon Kit

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The contents of the kiriki Raccoon embroidery kit I bought.
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  1. racoonstar0:42
  2. JennyG660:45
  3. MaryOz20220:47
  4. alias2v0:57
  5. Ianto0:57
  6. togocat0:58
  7. nanab1:05
  8. arthurleach1:10
  9. stephro1:11
  10. jrmtcushman1:12


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@firstdawn - thank you for the EGA information, I put it to good use. ;D


I am a member of The Embroidery Guild of America (EGA) which as many, many chapters all over America. There are other countries that also have guilds of their own. The object is to keep needle art alive. They have individual courses that you can take by yourself and learn new techniques, if there isn't a chapter close to you. Also it's a great way to make new friends. I took a course on Ukrainian embroidery thru a San Francisco chapter. I never went to their meetings but found out their group was going to do the class. (Another way to learn new techniques when there is no chapter close to you.) You can find info on the EGA online.


Always helpful, is racoon.

I have opened the package.

Now the fun begins.


Thanks racoonstar, I'll Google and check for other kits.


I checked, and their website does have a Contact Us link, so I submitted a question asking if they had considered producing a rooster kit. I'll let you know if I hear from them. :D


@nanab - sorry, they do not. :( However a few Google searches found lots of Rooster embroidery and cross stitch kits

@firstdawn - you can count on it, although it may be awhile, as while I do have counted cross stitch experience, I've never done this type of embroidery.

For those of you who are interested, including @msbonne their website is:


Please show us your raccoon when your done. Dawn


LOL - I'd love to see the completed project. Did you happen to notice if they had a rooster?


@msbonne - how are you doing with the kiriki sloth embroidery kit?

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