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  1. JoanW15:19
  2. Pusle1616:56
  3. sansever17:06
  4. sweetmrsdell18:14
  5. PalomaV20:37
  6. talisma20:59
  7. vesnaz21:02
  8. BonnieBinzegger21:03
  9. dhanks21:44
  10. rasky608222:16


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Thanks for your comment aivlys. It's good to know that old puzzles are still being solved and enjoyed. I agree that it is a challenging puzzle. My time for this puzzle is way slower than the folk on the leaderboard and I created it. I might have another go at this one now. Cheers :)

I expected this puzzle to be difficult for me when I took a look at the mixture of patterns and colors in it. What surprised me a little is that it is usually true that the first part of a solve is more difficult for me than the end game, but the opposite was true this time. It was a challenge and I'm glad I did it, but it was hard work (with fun mixed in). Thinks for posting this gem about a year ago. It is likely you will never see this comment because the puzzle has been on Jigidi for so long, but I have no idea how often creators go back to see what people have said about heir puzzles!

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