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WE'RE making YOU a card... get well soon Ank!

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Ank does so much for all of us, it's nice for us to make her a card together!

Please tag anyone you think would like to help make the card. My tag list was a copy and paste so does not have all of Ank's friends on it, it doesn't even have all my friends on it!
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Wow friends, you are sweet but Nev is the smartest. ☺ Wine is much better. But at the moment I must not think of it that I should drink it. My body tells me, no alcohol now. ☺


I just raised a glass to Ank, but it's not a "nasty" one - it's called wine. :-))) ♥♥♥

Ank, voor je goede gezondheid….Bev. 7-11-19


To your good health Ank, Cheers!
You're right, NOT tasty at all.


Hello dear friends! as most of you know, Ank is on the mend, today her sodium levels were tested and they were in the normal range.

But she still has to drink 'the nasty drink'.

So, in solidarity, let us all raise a glass of 'the nasty drink' and toast her good health!


It does Joe. ☺ Thanks ♥♥♥


Hope this card finds you on the mend (((Ank)))!!!! :))


Aw friends, I love you all. ♥♥♥


Have plenty of rest and recover fully, Ank. There is no need to reply individually.


just nice to see that smile again......ank.........take care of you first!!!


Glad to hear it Ank! You have a lot of friends! ♥♥♥


Thanks Bev!!


Wow. ♥♥♥

Dawn are so cool. ♥♥♥☼♥♥♥




One thing is for sure, I never can say that my Jigidi friends don't think of me. ☺
Thanks so much my dear friends. I was too 'lazy'☺ to reply, but all your sweet and funny comments did me very good. You will never know how happy you made me. Hugs to you all. ♥♥♥☼♥♥♥

Cheers and all the good stuff...delighted you are home again. There is nothing like home sweet home. Hugs to you Ank. 7-5-19

So happy you're home, Ank, stay well, please...Sherry :)))


So wonderful you are home Ank. I am sure you had a very happy welcoming committee too ;-)


For any of you who may have missed Ank's puzzle:


So happy you are home again, Ank. What a way to spend your birthday. I'm sure it is one you will remember for many years.


Great news - Ank is home.

Time to start preparing her welcome home card!! but first she needs to get some rest.


Thanks Mazy but English is no problem for me thanks to all my friends, I love all your sweet and funny comments. And the card became great,:)))
Hugs xxx



Schrijf ons in het Nederlands, we kunnen google translate gebruiken, we willen dat je je concentreert op beter worden, wij vertalen voor u.

Write to us in Dutch, we can use google translate, we want you to focus on getting better, we will translate for you.


So great to hear from you. Don't feel like you have to respond to any of this right now, just focus on getting well. Gentle hugs.


You are all great. Hugs xxxxxxxxxx


I just now had a visit by a hummingbird to flowers not 3 feet from where I sit. Didn't look like a cake though.


So good to hear from Ank. After we finish making cards for her we should box up our left over creative supplies and send them to Ank. I bet playing with all the goodies would help her heal.♥


Feathers in your hummingbird cake? Oh, no! I shall have to decline. I'm vego! (❛ᴗ❛)


I had a piece of the hummingbird cake, although delicious, I had some feathers in my piece. thbt thpht *cough cough*


Oh! news flash! Ank has sent out a puzzle:


I'm so glad to see so many lovely people so busy making our card! with iris and Gina's stickers, crayons, and great craft stuff the card just gets better and better. And Bubble's hummingbird cake is delicious, make sure you take a break from your work to have a piece.


I just saw it, thanks brightspark.


@puzzeljac you will all be happy to see she just posted a puzzle ☺☺☺☺☺☺


I have all kinds of craft stuff, so help yourselves, & let's make our very special friend Ank a very special get well card.


Thanks for tags, Sue and Michelle. Thanks for making this puzzle, Mazy.

Ank, Wishing you the very best in recovering good health quickly. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
We miss you very much, here at Jigidi... ♥︎♥︎♥︎


I found some stickers with butterflies, smiley faces, stars and hearts. Also found an extra pack of Crayola Markers. Everyone is welcome to use them. ♥ Sure hope Ank is feeling better today.


Thinking of you Ank, and hope you are better soon.


Good morning all,
I see everyone has been so busy making this lovely card for Ank, courtesy of Mazy.

As we were at a party yesterday and had a wonderful Hummingbird cake made by my friend, with cream cheese icing, pecans and pineapple, I've managed to get it cloned and have brought it along for coffee time. Its a scrumptious, cake (Oprah's favourite) and of course, just deduct the last number of calories, fat etc - there's nothing fattening about it , eg 500 calories becomes 50!
Works every time for me ……….. lets hope dear Ank is reading all your lovely comments ! (❀ᴗ❀)


Good afternoon Ank.


Thank you Brightspark! for thinking to add my name to the list ,I think very strongly to Ank who is alwys here to make beautiful and custom cards!


Indeed! I am a very fussy coffee drinker! So will also be bringing my fave organic, fairtrade, single origin from Peru. YUM! (❛ᴗ❛)


Kay, we are thrilled with all the wonderful art supplies you've brought to our ever-growing table. With all these loving thoughts from all these loving people, this card is bound to turn out the best ever. I especially like the stamps and ink you brought!

And look over here, Judy, I found some more gewgaws, and Val has brought sparkles.

And Kirsten is doing a great job keeping us fuelled with coffees, such fancy coffees they are, too! No church basement giant urn Maxwell House here. No, this is the finest quality Italian coffee with steamed milk...


Dear Ank - I hope you are coming through. Sending you love, kisses, warm thoughts and hugs


Thank you Michelle for tag , Mazy I love sparkles so will bring plenty☺♥

Ank all our love to you Henk and Bella, from Val Jim & our Bella and LIncoln♥♥♥


Thank you, brightspark, for thinking to add my name to the list for tagging. I wouldn't miss letting Ank know how special she is to me for anything. Much obliged. ;-))


Mazy, I had thought of this idea and am so glad you took it up. I don't post, so it is wonderful of you to give us a place to let Ank know we miss her and are thinking of her. I brought some colored pencils and pens and have pulled up a chair at this extra large table to let each person add a special this or that to the card or start another. People can write messages, add little embellishments or take another piece of the yellow paper and make another card. I have some rubber stamps and inks here as well to help with the creativity. Thank you, Mazy, for sending out the invite so we could all partake.


gewgaws - I love that word.


Well, of course, the spellchecker imp has once again plagued my message. I do not get how jigidi gets turned into nigiri; it is the error I correct the most, but this time it got past me. J-i-g-i-d-i is a better place because of you, Ank, because you offer us a place honor others with fun, festivities, and kindness.


Sending warm thoughts and a hug - hope you are feeling better ☺♥♥


Dear, sweet Ank. Thank you so much for taking care of yourself and getting to the hospital for some helpful observation. It is a wise move on your part and I hope you are rewarded with good news and support in feeling better. You are such an inspiration of love and kindness to the folks you bless with your creative puzzles which you make individually for each and every one of us. I have such appreciation and admiration for you and how you help make nigiri such a special place. ;-))))))
Bella must be missing her Mum something fierce. Are doggie visits allowed where you are staying? That would be just grand for both you and Bella. Take good care, Ank. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


here's some scissors and some glue, dawn, the coloured paper and gewgaws are all over there... have at 'er!


Sounds like fun. I'd like to join the card making group.


Thanks Brightie, honey, I'm right down the bottom of the page, but hope we hear from dear Ank soon and that she's home and recovering well. xxxx (❀ᴗ❀)


Thanks for the tag, Sue. And the fun project for Ank. I'm not very crafty, so I think I'll run support and make coffees for everyone. LOL!

And Ank - I hope that all is well there, and it turns out to not be anything to serious. Hope to see you back in Jigidi soon. ❤❤❤


get well soon Ank!
adding my wishes to everyone else's!


Sounds great, Mazy!


Hallo Ank....Ik hoop dat je weer een beetje beter bent en dat het uiteindelijk niets ernstigs zal zijn.
Ik wens je het allerbeste en zoals je ziet, mist iedereen je. Gauw opknappen hoor.

@AnneM57 @Annetta @Beekay @bookish @dblay @jan42ful @madpol @Mieke59 @prudentia @Shian2 @Sissel @sue1 @Trouble_and_Frog @wammetje


Prayers for a speedy recovery, Ank. You are missed.


Well, most of my friends have already been tagged. My best wishes for you to feel much better right away. We all depend on you a lot. Hugs.

@Gaillou @BarbaraL @PutterDutt @Hummingbird @frauhugs @gogogo @InConcert @RandomWorship


Has there been any news on Ank? :)


@jals so I understand! (someone once told me if you want to be a real stinker with a practical joke, mail a card filled with loose glitter to someone. They'll never get it all cleaned up!!)

However, in virtual Jigidi-land even glitter does what we want it to! the glue behaves, the paint unspills itself, and if we accidentally cut something wrong with the scissors, it self -renews and -rejuvenates just as we hope Ank is. There are so many of us we have had to increase the size of the table so we can all work on the card. We're all drinking tea, coffee, juice as we work around the clock to make the card perfect. We are saving the champagne and the party for Ank's celebratory welcome home.


My thoughts will be with you, and hope you are back with us soon.


Mazy, a virtual card for Ank, thank you!!!!

Dearest Ank, Jigidi just isn't the same without you to host our Birthday and Special Day Parties. You are missed doesn't begin to say it all. You are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.


Dear Ank. I send many greetings and wish you good results and early recovery. We are all looking forward to seeing you. Sincerely, Irena.
Thank you for the sign.


@ladywil2 @kayboblee @sue1 @janap @davitai


WELL DONE MAZY - what a wonderful idea ☺ thank you it is delightful - dearest @ANK praying you get better soonest - we love and miss you ♥♥♥ love @brightspark @sparklightie @oldandancient @teamac @PuzzleG @parrotman33 @pasta @Bubble @grandmapegs @MarinaNephele @jals @gogogo @firstdawn @pkin38 @ringleader @mila71 @izelenn09 @@ladywil2 @irmachac kayboblee @valt46 @sue1@janap @racoonstar


This is such a good idea, but keep the glitter away from the dogs :-)




Glitter is forever. It never goes away. You will find it for years afterwards in the strangest places.


I have tried to put the image onto jigidi but it will not let me saying the image is too small.
I will try later as I have to go out.


Mazy here is the link.


Hi Mazy I have it bookmarked so will publish in a moment.


I forgot about the way Ank always hosts the parties. That said, I'm glad you guys are all having a great time at our virtual card making table.

There is everything under the sun here with which to make a card... someone spilled the glitter so it is all over everywhere, but we don't care! We just want Ank to get better, and for her to know how much she means to us!

So please tag anyone we've missed.

Does anyone have any news?

@CJ45 did you post a list of last year's July birthdays?


Thinking about you, Ank, and remembering you in our prayers. Hope you have a speedy recovery. Wanda

Thank you, Mazy, for this beautiful posting. Wanda




Thanks Mazy!


Thanks nanab!

Saying prayers for your recovery and hope you're soon back to full health.




Get well soon, dear Ank. I miss you and darling Bella.


Great card Mazy!
Dear Ank, we love you and miss you a lot! Praying for a speedy recovery.
❤ ❤ ❤

Get well soon, Puzzeljac!
Goed herstel, PuzzeIjac!


I'll thirty-third that!


Get well soon, Ank. I hope your tests results will be great and you will be home soon :)


Hope you're feeling well now, Ank!

Thank you Mazy!

Thank you Mazy..
Nice do good work!!!:))

Sending healthy vibes in your direction.
Just take it one day at a time and before you know it you’ll be good as new!
Hope you feel steadier, stronger and better each day. Hugs Ank!! 7-1-19


Ank, I always think of you and I wish you an early return between us.
Mazy, nice thought on your part.


Mazy, forgot to say looks like a nice card coming along.


Hope to see you well as soon as possible Ank.


Get well soon Ank, sending healing vibes :))


Thinking about you Ank and sending lots of love and get well wishes ♥

Thank you Mazy, this is so nice of you.


I said a prayer for you today, Ank, and will continue to do so until we hear that your health has returned.




Sending you healing hearts and hugs Ank! ♥♥♥


Welcome, Nev. :)


Get well soon, Ank.

I am praying for your full and speedy recovery.

Best regards, Jason.


Bobbie, thanks for the tag. ♥♥♥


Ardy has said exactly what I wanted to say: "Thinking about you, Ank, and remembering you in my prayers. Hope it's nothing really serious."
Thanks, Mazy. ♥♥♥


Thanks Mazy...Our Pretty Dahlia hangout is "quite" without Ank, we are crossing our fingers she will be well soon. @CJ45 , @goingsilver , @Bevpuzzler @puzzlelo @Dulsineja @Brie1648 .

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