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Red Admiral -- Atalanta Buttefly close up

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Liertje saw it sitting in the Buddleia in the back patio. He held his hand in front of it and then it stepped onto his fingers. It stayed put whilst he walked to the front patio where I could take photos of it! Liertje walked back to the plant to put it back whilst the butterfly kept sitting on his hand. ☺☺
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  1. liertje19781:32
  2. Ginni21:45
  3. tisketsmum1:52
  4. Impie1:59
  5. EllaMB1:59
  6. peggy662:03
  7. hamcar2:12
  8. Olya2:13
  9. cobra2:14
  10. schutkleur2:21


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A tarantula.....rather you than me, Ginni!:-)


I let a friend's tame tarantula walk on my hand and arm decades ago, but, while I rescue spiders from my condo, I don't pick them up. I scoop them into a carrier, take them outside, and tell them to enjoy being garden spiders. And I will try hard to remember to rescue anything else with my left hand so I can get photos! :-)


Oh, but a buttefly, a ladybug and a hoverfly can land on my hand, in fact I have had that a few times. No problem, but spiders, and wasps are a no no for me. :)

Good for you for saving the beetle, now next try to use your left hand and take photos with your right hand! LOL


But wouldn't it be wonderful to have a butterfly land on you? I had a big green figeater beetle walking around on my hand a few days ago, after I saw it wiggling on its back, unable to turn over, and picked it up. I hadn't thought about photographing it, though, so I had picked it up in my right hand. I'll try to think things through better if it happens again. :-)


They probably take after their dad, he wasn't afraid to approach the wild creatures either. I'm more cautious. :)


Wow, it must be genetic, Impie!! Can you do it too, lure the wild creatures to you?


@Ginni2 - Thank you,'re right, he's quite the "Insect Whisperer":-))

Tame birds do, but wild birds don't (yet) land on him. Not that he doesn't try to get them to do so...:-))

My oldest son lives in an apartment building on the 13th floor. He gets visits from wild pigeons (not wood pigeons) on his balcony and they'll sit on his hand/arm and eat out of his hands. He also feeds mealworms to two Ravens and Jackdaws in a small city park near his home. As soon as they'll see him they'll land next to him...first there was just the one Raven and now there are two and lately the Jackdaws joined in too!


Great shot, Impie! "Butterfly Whisperer" doesn't work. Liertje gave me this link from a shot of his own where he's holding a darter! "Insect Whisperer" maybe? Do birds land on him too? :-)


No worries, Nancy. I get it. I have several images for quick access too, like my printer, a Jac.Lawson came and 2 photos of André...oh and a video of Goofie. It sits in the left side bar next to Goofie's background photo. On the right side bar I have a clock, a calendar that points out the present date and 'Buienradar". LOL


Sorry, I should have clarified, you can save the images to whatever folder you, documents. When I mentioned saving them to the desktop, I meant they sit off to the side, as teeny tiny squares. You only see the photo if you click on it. They don't replace your desktop background. The ones I save to the desktop are special ones I want quick access to.......Goofie, Dusty, Sue/soo and a few others, like one of megabelle's ocean sunsets. 😊


Thank you, Nancy. Yes, it was amazing how it kept sitting on Liertje's fingers!:-)

I've never done this, but I will look into it one of these days. I'm not really looking for another background for my desktop. I have this goofy photo of Goofie as background and I still smile every day when I start my computer and before I click close I'll look him in his eyes before the computer shuts down! ♥☺♥


I've done that with several jigs......several of Goofie are saved to my desktop along with some others. 😊😊

Terrific butterfly photo and story.


Congrats, Ella. It does sound easy, I might try it some time too. Thanks for your feedback! :))


Hey, I just tried saving it and it worked!! I clicked on the completed puzzle, then clicked on save as. I then changed the name to Red Admiral Butterfly and save. Went right into my documents where I can put it in a new folder or leave it there. How easy was that!!


I hope it will work for you, Ella, though I'm sure it will!:)

Hi Anne, Jigidi Uni strikes again! :-))


O-o-o-o I'm going to have to try that, EllaMB Thanks.


Earlier, today I found that if I click on the finished puzzle, I can choose to save or copy the picture to my documents. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll try it tomorrow.


Yeah, Faye, today Liertje was taking photos of a couple of Red Admiralsin our Buddleia and one came sitting on his arm, maybe it was the same one! With this wet weather we don't put fruit dish out yet, it will all get washed off the saucer!❤️❤️❤️

You're welcome, Ella. I use ACDSee Pro files for saving my photos. I sometimes use the button "Print screen" (for the Scheveningen webcam) and then copy and save the photo in ACDSee.
I'm no computer wizzard, Liertje has put Goofie's photo for me on my desktop for back ground, I've never done it myself. I hope you can manage or get help too!☺


Thank you, Impie, that's very kind of you! I'm not sure I know how to do that. Do I just save it in my files? Never tried to save a picture only documents.


UNBELIEVABLE! The fact that it would climb onto L.'s fingers in the first place...and actually stay there while he moved! You took a great photo, Impie! Perhaps it will return to your fruit dish... ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you, Ella. If you like you could make a screensaver of it! I'm OK with that! :))


This is such a great shot!! I keep coming back to study it again and again!


Thank you, Marilyn. It sure was cooperative and I was happy it posed so nice for me too! ☺

LOL Kayell....I bet the other insects Liertje has photographed had mentioned it to him/her! :-)) Thanks.

Thank you, Val. Yes, they are beautiful butterflies especially when they're this 'fresh' and "new". ☺♥

Thank you, lurdo. They are beautiful, aren't they? We love and respect the wildlife that's in our garden and all around us, we also enjoy sharing it with you all. ♥

What an amazing Butterfly, thanks to both of You for showing us that not all in the world is rotten


Brilliant photo Impie shows the markings beautifully, thank you to Liertje ☺♥


It probably knew it was going to be immortalised in Jigidi! Great photo...


Wow! What a great photo. This butterfly was very cooperative to sit on Liertje's fingers.


Thanks, Ella. It was like it was almost tame.:))
I think it was a new fresh one still so bright and complete!:)) I finally could take a photo of a white butterfly today too, but it was quite damaged on the left under wing!

Indeed incredible, GG. You're correct. We once had a similar experience with a Red Admiral butterfly in the front garden, then it came flying and landed on Liertje's hand and I could take photos too. ;-))
Thank you for the compliment to my photo!!

Yeah, nillie. I was inside and Liertje came to show his "new pet" sitting on his fingers. I quickly took my camera and went outside to take photos. I'm very pleased with the result!:-))
Thanks and good night ♡♡


It is nice to think that this pretty guy was posing specially for us :-))) Beuatiful picture! Thanks Impie and good night♥♥


How incredible, Impie! It seems Liertje has quite a gift with handling these critters, as I know there have been other times he is able to get them onto his hand/fingers. Amazing, and a GREAT photo!!


What a beauty! The colors are so vivid and how amazing that she stayed put the whole time!


LOL Anne, or like JGalt suggested : Butterfly Whisperer! :))
Those Red Admirals are gorgeous and I think this was a 'fresh' one, it looked really good! I was almost tempted to stroke it but I didn't because I'm afraid I could've damaged it!

Dank je schutkleur. Ja het was zo grappig om te zien hoe relaxed hij/zij bleef zitten terwijl hij ermee kwam aangelopen.
Het is ooit al een keer eerder gebeurd met een Atalanta, maar dan aan de voorkant van het huis... alleen die kwam aangevlogen en landde op zijn hand maar bleef ook netjes zitten toen ik foto's maakte☺♥!!


Mooi verhaal Impie!! Hele mooie foto ook ☺♥


Oh, my! We're going to have to start calling Liertje the "Butterfly Charmer"! I'm amazed he's resting on his fingertips. The butterfly is downright gorgeous! He looks as if he's made of velvet with the deep, deep colors.


LOL ...Thanks, JGalt. Yes, it's still without any damage despite of the strong gusts of wind we have!

Thank you, tisketsmum, yes it was. I was inside and I thought it would take off when I'd open the garden door, but to get a stable photo I even leaned lightly on the palm of Liertje's hand!:)


Oh wow! What an opportunity for a great photo.


The Butterfly Whisperer in Action. What a lovely butterfly.

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