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My cousin's backyard in Germany

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Mostly we don't have much snow, but also that is changing. Two and three years ago it was much more as normal, but the last it was not so much. Also our last winters are not as cold as they used to be. So we just have to wait and see. But it would be great if we could send some to each other.


Hanne, I think our messages crossed. It looks very cold to me too, but beautiful to look at.


Ank, too bad I can't send you some of my heat in winter and you can't send me some of your cold in summer. That would be a great trade. A summer of 70-80 degrees sounds divine! I hope you can get a long summer like that next year, and that your winter is not too cold! I can't remember if you get lots of snow or not???????


Oh, Mimi, it looks cold!! Thanks so very much!!


No Mimi I don't mean that hot, but our normal Dutch summer, temp somewhere between 70 and 80 degrees. This year we had a bad summer. I can count the days with that temp on my 10 fingers. So we did not have much and then it's more difficult to accept that the summer is over. And this was the third bad summer. So maybe you can understand now that I long for it. But that hot as your summers, I'm not used to it so I think it will give me a problem. And most houses in NL don't have AC, we have stoves. lol


YVW Patti and Shirley!


Very Pretty, Thanks Mimi.


Love it, Mimi! Thank you!


When someone says they want summer I always wonder if they mean OUR kind of summer, high 90's and 100's. How about it Ank? And i think it's fun for us to be so excited when we have snow, every 30 years or so. It really is neat to have friends all over the world, so many different things to report! I love Jigidi!!!


Beautiful, Mimi. It's so funny reading different people's comments. You could almost know where they live by what they want. Here in Texas, when snow is in the forecast, we stay up all night waiting to see it, then you have folks like Ank and Pkin who just want summer! I think the Lord can't please all of us at once!


A beautiful photo Mimi. Snow is so very beautiful on pictures, but not in real. Fortunately, our snow is gone again. And I hope it not will return in 3 months, then a little bit for a few hours and then sun every day a bit more. I want summer, I want summer, I want summer. lol


You are very welcome my friends. I think she would be glad to send it to us. She's a Southern girl too and not too crazy about having really cold weather this early!


That's so beautiful! Thanks mimi!


Did you tell your cousin to keep it over there. Not quite ready for it here. Thanks lovely picture Mimi


Thank you for sharing.

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