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Venetian street theatre

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There was one difference...

the Grand Canal was full of exquisitely crafted power boats - boats with inboard engines and hand-framed timber hulls, polished to a mirror finish, and with price tags to match. As an ex-seagoing person I just drooled. Oh my, how I drooled at the thought of owning, or even just operating, one of those boats!





Well, as the Village People sang, "Just GO THERE!" ;D Beb.




Gosh @blueeyed blond - i would love to experience the feeling of going back in time ☺☺ sounds fascinating ♥



I'm not sure what they were doing. I just took the photo... more-or-less from afar.
But I do know there was an opera season... or SOMETHING theatrical... going on
not far from where I saw them, at about the same time.

If you haven't been, move it as close to the top of your bucket list as you can!
And preferably don't go during the peak season. We went just off-peak.
Life was much more "normal", less crowded, lower prices, etc. (And possibly
less chance of having your pockets picked!)

If you arrive by train, walking out of the modern, high-speed railway terminal,
through the glass doors and onto the paved concourse beside the grand canal
is a lot like walking through the front doors of Disneyland. Quite suddenly
you go from 21st century high-speed rail, through a time-warp, into the 16th century.
I was quite unprepared for it. I walked about three more paces then put my bags down
and just stared around me. It was all there... right there in front of me! The next
six days were very much like living in a theme park. We did and saw everything
we could in the time we had, and were very sorry to leave. We might not get back
again, but I'm very glad I haven't passed through life without experiencing it.



Love the colors, which really pop on this sunny day, beb. We're they doing a cosplay of sorts or just interacting with each other and maybe the tourists? I'm guessing that they're hoping that purple-wrapped dish collects all sorts of generous donations for their performance. Fascinating city - I've read a lot about it through the Commissario Guido Brunetti mysteries by Donna Leon - but I've yet to visit there.

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