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  1. mariolyn0:54
  2. nosnow_here0:59
  3. yarnover1:04
  4. moe571:11
  5. Robbos1:11
  6. Kayker1:11
  7. lelabugosi1:12
  8. Ginni21:14
  9. Beekay1:16
  10. PLG19581:19


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Look at that crest! Nice capture !!!


I was probably there in the spring, but I was expecting robin red breast for sure. I wasn't any kind of a birder back then, but I always liked to go for a walk wherever I was. So I didn't know robin photos, just robin art. Rust breast would be a lot more accurate. :-)


I don't know what time of year you were visiting near Detroit. Robins are almost as good as their pictures in early spring, courting time, but they fade quickly once the eggs hatch and they're working all hours to keep the kids fed. But they're certainly never Robin Red Breast. If I were naming them I'd call them Robin Rust Breast.


My aunt and uncle lived outside of Detroit. After my father died, I started writing to them, thinking someone on the west coast should keep in touch. Some years later I went to visit and, of course, I walked around their neighborhood once or twice each day. I was disappointed when I saw my first robin. It was nowhere near as bright as children's books and painted or drawn Christmas cards had led me to expect. But the first male cardinal was absolutely glorious, utter perfection! To bad we don't have them here. :-)


eeek. Shoulda saved it! But I think I can get another one. This morning we had 5 or 6 on the deck at the same time. Thanks, Ginni!


Happy Holidays to you too! Oh wait, this isn't a Christmas card?

Nice shot! :-)


Thanks, Patti. I love the opportunities I get because of throwing seeds all over the deck! They come to me! Sharing is the best part of photographing. :-)


Wow, Jacki -- you get so many great bird photos! Thanks so much for sharing!


Hugs, not Bugs


LOL, Suzy. Especially when I didn't know he was approaching! Yes, they're as good as the titmice at "grab and go".

Just a little too small for the skunk, Ardy. Bugs


Wondered what the was down there. Didn't think it could be the skunk. ☺ ♥Hugs♥


The chickadees are quite capture his head was a feat!!


Yikes, Suzy, somehow you got lost sandwiched between a preening Lela! And it's too bad chicky-dee didn't fully make it into the picture too!


Thank you, yarnover!

You're welcome, Jo. What are photos for if not sharing? Thank You!

LOL. Thanks, Lela!

Thank you, Ardy. I was delighted to capture this one. After yesterday's deluge it's wonderful to see blue skies behind the winter-bare tree branches! Happy Sunday and hugs to you.


So beautiful. I love seeing the cardinals. He is posing so nicely for you, Jacki. Thanks. Sunshine and blue skies. 38 heading for low 40's. Brrr. Happy Sunday. ♥Hugs♥


Handsome? Why thank you, punkin - I do take a lot of care over my appearance.


Hi there, handsome! Share with Mr. Chickadee!


What a beauty!


He's just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, Jacki!

Great capture! Thank you.


Thanks, Shirley. So often he has his crest slicked back. That's a blurry chickadee down in the lower right corner trying to get into the picture and not quite making it.

You're welcome, Hawkatiels, and thank You!


Nice one! Thanks for posting it.


How delightful to see him with his crest up, handsome, Thanks, Jacki.


Thanks, Ed.

You're welcome, Sharimarie, and thank You!


What a delightful picture! Yes, his crest is up. And it is red and green like Christmas! Thanks.


Nice indeed, Jacki!


Thanks, mother123456. And for once he's let me catch him with his crest fully up!

Lovely bird isn't it!

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