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Garden - Tasha Cat

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"How thoughtful of you to have left this long grass just here especially for me! In that case, I think I will sample it!"

(If you would like to see more of Tasha & my other cats, you can type nickyscats into the jigidi search bar which will take you straight to past puzzles of them).
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She does, dobra. She is good company. She has a habit of pulling her fur out so we have to give her fur ball medicine every day so she doesn't get a blockage in her stomach - I think that's why she likes to eat a lot of grass - apparently it helps with their digestion.


Nicky Tasha is sure to enrich your life! :-)


Thanks, JillianB. She was 4yrs old when we got her from a shelter in Wembley in 2013. I had always had black cats, until Connie who was a tabby & who had recently passed away, & thought I would like a tortie & white (I think others may know it as 'calico'), but didn't hold out much hope of finding one. I'm not sure I was ready for another cat just at that stage - it has been a year since Connie passed - but my husband found her on a rescue website & persuaded me to go & see her. It was quite a long drive & a very cold day. The centre was deserted except for one lady who was looking after it, & Tasha came to me straight away - she was so friendly - so that decided it & we brought her home. She was so lovely & easy that she sat on the sofa next to us that evening, & even came up to bed with me & slept on my bed next to me! She did that for 2 nights, then she turned into a bitey, swipey little mare! She realised that there were some house rules to abide by & this wasn't a holiday but her new home for keeps! House rules are just... no scratching the carpet - please use the scratching mat or the scratching post provided, no getting on the kitchen worktops where we provide food, no eating out of my bowl as I don't eat out of hers, & she must be brushed every day before tea. She hated the brush to start with, but perseverance has meant that she came to love it. She realised that she doesn't have to get up on work surfaces because she gets fed regularly (she was a nightmare with food to start with!) And she always get some of our meat or chicken if she's good after we've finished our dinner - it gets put in her own bowl. It took her a while, but she got used to the rules!


jirma48, I haven't heard of that grass, but Tasha seems to like any grass as long as it's fresh & juicy! So we leave a long patch for her as she started eating my pond plants which looked like grass to her but gave her bad stomachs - I only know what was causing it because I caught her eating it one day. So we decided to leave a long patch of grass just for her & she's used to that place to find it now. She loves being fed grass from my hand, too. She is funny that way!


Ardy, I think the blue ones are forget-me-knots if I've got the position correct. If not, let me know. Yes, Tasha often just stays in the garden as she has pain in her back so can't jump high anymore. She's on daily pain meds & I put footstools by the chairs which she likes to sleep on so she can get up easily. She seems to be ok like that. I often wonder if the arthritis set in because of the fall she had several years ago - she was on the outside of the bedroom window sill & I didn't know she was there. I opened the curtains & she got a shock at seeing me & fell onto the concrete patio below. I cried all night because I couldn't find her anywhere in the garden & kept calling her but she didn't come. I thought she'd crawled off somewhere to die. I was beside myself with grief, but when we opened the back door in the morning she was waiting on the door mat. She didn't seem worse for wear & could walk fine, but then my daughter noticed a swelling on her jaw - I think she must've hit the bottom window sill with her chin, or banged it on the patio - I dread to think. We took her to the vet straight away & she had antibiotics & the swelling went down & she was fine thereafter... until she started getting back pain a couple of years ago - which the vet discovered & diagnosed, & prescribed pain meds for. She has to take it with food to protect her stomach lining. I think she is happy enough on the dose she's on - we do adjust it from time to time. We had a worrying time when she appeared to have trouble with her back legs, but that cleared up & we have no idea what it was - maybe she slept awkwardly & had pins & needles in them! That was all we & the vet could think of as she has been fine since that scare. Our pets do cause us to worry about them sometimes - not least because they can't tell us what's wrong so we have to do some sleuthing!


I enjoyed checking out all the plants in 6our garden as well as seeing Tasha. What are the little blue ones by the chair (lover left) ? Tasha, Nicky keeps a lovely place for you to be outside and be safe. Thanks, Nicky.


The grass that cats are said to like is the cat's shant. That is her?


Lovely looking cat Nicky. Thanks

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16 December 2020 - 3 August 2018
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