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For SamSammy from his Honey

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It stopped raining long enough to have Honey pose on the lawn. My thanks to Yvonne (SamSammy) for getting the photograph "Jigidi ready"
Also, my sincere thanks to Michelle(puzzaddled) for the lovely avatar. You are very talented :)

Hope all our friends on Jigidi enjoy seeing Honey again as it's been a few months since I posted. I certainly enjoy all the puzzles you post and love seeing your pets. I feel like I know Sam, Max, Bob, Belle, Micky to name just a few.
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  1. SamSammy0:16
  2. Jejegasa0:17
  3. marunka2770:17
  4. Ianto0:18
  5. JAJA480:21
  6. hadzi0:23
  7. brgos0:24
  8. aerovka0:26
  9. Janazlouky0:26
  10. brycee0:28


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Hello Honey. You certainly look like a 'honey' to me! Beautiful picture Lambchop! TFP. ☺


I am glad that I have children nearby. Son reside less than a mile from me. Daughter 10 minutes by bus. Greetings


Thank you Ginger for your kind comment about Honey. Come see her any time. :)


Hello to Honey from Ginger. You are such a beautiful dog. Love pictures of all the dogs. Thanks :0)


Thanks, Marian. With the nice weather coming (I hope) I will take more pictures and post. Honey thanks you for the cuddles. :)


Madj2 thank you for your nice comment about Honey. She is a sweet dog. Enjoy the rest of your day. Here it is raining so a very good day for puzzle :)


Great photo of Honey, Lambchop....glad you posted an updated picture. Cuddles to Honey.


Thank you for explaining the 3 ice men. Let's hope it warms up soon. It has been cool here too, and so much rain. But I think it is better to have rain than drought.
What a wonderful program you have. I wonder if they have one that translates the English into Czechoslovakian? You do very well with the translations Thank you. Hope you and Bob had a nice walk. Here it is raining too hard to go anywhere. Enjoy the rest of your day. hugs :)


Jarka - that is a wonderful school. Maybe your daughter will start the violin again once the children are grown. Your daughter and her family must live nearby to you. That is good to be near family. Hugs :)


Hello Honey. You are such a sweetheart! ☺


The answer to the Cat:
May we have three ice men - 12.5. Pankrác, 13.5. Servác, 14.5. Boniface. They carry the bad weather and vegetable garden are planted until after the holiday. 15.5. Sophie is says that it is their cook and will flood - it means that warming will come. This year, has failed and we still have cold.
I do not speak in English and so I enter into your computer to Google Translate and the Czech text translates into English, unfortunately, sometimes unintelligibly.
I'm going to take a warm jacket and I go to Bob the garden. He calls me. Greetings to you and lady Honey. Jarka


Lyn, The answer to of this picture the Universe.
The school is about 10 minutes from the house of the familydaughters. The daughter went into her as well. By of six, she played the violin, it was still free. Unfortunately, in fifteen years ended ashamed to to play concerts. Plays a at least on the guitar and sings nicely. Now, lessons already applies, but learning to therein still the same thing. Fine arts, piano, violin, guitar, wind instruments, dance and theater. I am pleased that develops talent grandson. Greetings Jarka


Hi Jana - thank you for all the good licks and soft purring from your furry children. :) Hope you have a nice day. Here, the weather is rainy and humid. Hugs :)


Hello lovely Honey. It's nice to see you again on Jigidi.
I'm so glad you've found your family and you're finally happy dog​​, you deserve it.
Sweet licks from my dogs and soft purring from Max :-)))
Thank you so much Lynn, have a wonderful day, hugs :-)))


Honey is blushing - thanks for your lovely comment. Hugs to you and Sam.


Wouldn't that be lovely, Jarka - Bob and Honey playing. Who knows, maybe some day. :)


Thank you Cali and Wolflady :)


Finally!! Great to see you again on Jigidi, sweet Honey!! You are such a gorgeous girl! Cuddles and hugs for you and your mom! :)) She is laughing Lynn! Love this picture!! :))

Thank you for your sweet comment about Sam, Pat! Cuddles and hugs for you and Cali too! :))


Lynn, Honey look nice too. It would be nice to see them play with Bob. Greetings Jarka


Any friend of Sams is a friend of ours. Shes looks like a very happy dog. Ear rubs from
my Cali and I.

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