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Weiner Mobile

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Can you believe we got a chance to see the Weiner Mobile? We got whistles TOO!
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HA! you don't know the song Ms. Pumpkinhead. Bet St. James does.




Sometimes I wish you were too!!! LOL


I wish I was an Oscar Myer weiner.......

My Bologna has a first name.......

Just checkin.


hahahaha!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! I didn't know they still had any of those on the road! And of course now I've got the song stuck in MY head - and anyone who knows me knows that there is not room in my brain at this point for anything extra!!


Tell me about it, Suzy!


Oh, Lord!!! NOT WHISTLES!!!!!!!
You must be making your fellow campers crazy singing the song (I've had it in my head all flipping day) and blowing your whistles!!!


Awwww!!! A whistle would have been lovely..... ◕◡◕ ❤ ◕◡◕


You could have won a whistle Ditto. That's how we got our whistle.
racoonstar everyone who knows the song will not be able to get it out of their minds either. Another of my evil deeds.
Yes I am Chickster.


Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner
That is what I truly wish to be
Cause if I were a oscar mayer weiner
Everyone would be in love
Oh everyone would be in love
Everyone would be in love with me....


There are actually a fleet of wiener mobiles, not just one. And now I can’t get the song out of my head!


He is easily entertained, isn't he? LOL


We both got weiner whistles and mine is still in the package. The inside seats six and has a TV. The two girls that run this around the country stay in Hotels/Motels. They were heading for Minnesota. We did get discounts for Oscar Myer products which we forgot to give to the cashier.
Ardy we just keep stepping in it.
Plumpy don't think I did not try.
Unicorn we had a ball singing the Song. They even gave out the sheet music for the song.


Or, if not a ride, at least a hot dog.


That's awesome! What fun. I envy you............Wendy


Your star power should have gotten you a ride in this thing. Tsk.


You two seem to attract good things. Hugs.

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