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A Lovely Secluded Cabin In The Woods ~ Borrowed From RowenaElcy

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"I wish I could return to that Cabin in the woods.
But I know that I've left it too long.
The tree's songs have been sung
and they have regrettably moved on
by shedding their pain and growing new leaves.
I know I deserve nothing from these carbon friends
They've already cut loose ends.
Yet, I cannot pass the Cabin in the woods
And comfortably leave them behind.
I crave to go back
and knock on it's door
And inhale the trees aroma once again.
I ache to be filled with their life.
I wish to be in the Cabin in the woods
I wish I could see the lovely trees again".

Poem by Little.Bird
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  1. alberthkcheng1:27:30
  2. volkbl1:42:22
  3. jbertonbounds1:45:15
  4. jigjammer1:53:33
  5. rockdancer562:09:44
  6. bubs_d2:12:43
  7. Lainey2:15:29
  8. goldfreck2:35:18
  9. f6retro2:40:18
  10. chloe2:45:47


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Thank you all for your comments and solves, I have so enjoyed
your visits. Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day and that
you get lots of chocolates and roses, but if you don't get either
just know that we Jigidi members are your friends and we will
always be here for you, come rain or shine.....or snow, and
we probably won't get those either. ;-)


Thanks for enlarging! I love the bigger sized puzzles. More challenging!


Wow!! beautiful poem

What a lovely message :)


I love this secluded cabin in the woods and really love Little Bird's poem. Hope you have a good day. Please stay safe and well....Isaly2



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