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ABC’s and Funny Signs

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This weeks theme, sorry toilet humour 😏
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Marina you can imagine how much little boys would love them. :-) Thanks


These cards are so funny! Thanks.


I’m sure he will be delighted, good for you Voronica 😊


Jillian, thanks for the info, I'm ordering a set for my "grand nephew", I think they will be fun for him, you're right about the bodily functions. Hugs* Voronica~


My pleasure Brightie ❤️


Thx for the chuckles ☺☺☺


Glad could give you a giggle Janet, thanks and hugs to you ❤️


Thanks for a laugh Jill, yes why not! Hugs to you. ♥


Voronica Produced by HE'S ALL BOY PRESENTS ALPHA CARDS / ABC FLASH CARDS FOR BOYS! Whoever created them knew that boys are preoccupied with bodily functions lol


Sure would have appealed to my boys Donna! (Oh and maybe me 😏)


Jillian, such interesting comparisons for both letters, makes you wonder who was in charge of this project. :~)) Hugs* Voronica~


They are hysterical. Sure would have made learning much more fun!!! *lol* dj


Brian so long as you haven’t got your nickers in a knot you’ll be ok 😉


@jerrys I have no difficulty imaging that 😂 I blame my four sons for my base humour.


Whoops Cyndi, sorry didn’t make it clear. I meant this weeks theme is ABC’s, but thanks for the go ahead on toilet humour lol! 😊❤️


These are great Lady Jillian, am I feeling flushed or have I just gone round the bend !
Cheers mate......B


@JillianB Wish we'd had these flash cards when I was a would have proved my call-out answers as correct!


These are hilarious. I will be looking forward to your toilet humor posts this week. Everyone needs a little laughter in their lives....

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