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More Poinsettias

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This may be at the Conservatory at Brookside Gardens a number of years ago.

Found a note last night that told me these poinsettias were at the neighborhood grocery story.
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You're welcome, Lunie.


Nice combination of Christmas colors Ardy! Thanks.


You're welcome, Val and thank you. I hope I can get some good shots. I've been told there is a miniature train set up in the Conservatory. That's new since the last time I was able to visit at Christmas. Hugs dear friend ♥♥


Christmas Cheer shouts out from the Red one thank you Ardy, looking forward to your visits on Wednesday and Thursday hope you get lots of lovely photos Hugs dear friend ♥♥


Thanks, Pat. Hugs


Beautiful ..


You're welcome, Shirley. Your eyes were much better than mine. 💖


The grocery has always had a display of lovely flowers as you go in the door. I assume they still do. I haven't been there but once since the beginning of the pandemic and that was for a Covid booster.


You're welcome, Jill. 😊💖


Thanks, Ardy, for the up date, the white paper lace goes so lovely with these Poinsettias.


This must have been a really lovely display. Enjoy your visits.


Thanks 🌹😊


Shirley, while preparing a puzzle for tomorrow I discovered I am wrong about the lace. These were not at Brookside but rather at my local grocery store. That's "paper" lace though but not the white crushed stone. Well spotted. Thank you.


Thanks, Barb. I hope I can get some good ones. Hugs 😊💖🎄


They were beautiful and those two contrasting colors made for a lovely picture. Thanks for a nice solve my friend and looking forward to some more photos in the coming week. Hugs 🙂❤️


Thanks, Shirley. Sorry but that's white crushed stone that was in the bed where these were growing.


Thanks, Faye. I hope we can get there. I've just finished charging the camera battery and putting it back in the camera so it's already to go. 💖🎄⛄

Glad you have your birds coming for warmed food. I saw a bluejay getting a drink in the bird bath a few minutes ago. Take care. Stay safe and warm.


So very pretty, I love them and do I see a lovely piece of Battenberg Lace in the background. Thanks, Ardy.


Oh, I was hoping that you would get to visit the Conservatory! Thank you, Cheerie Lou! Now we'll have some more of these very cheery pictures! ♥️🎄♥️🎄♥️

There is ice on the pond here...and the two bird feeders are very least five hummingbirds in and out all morning. I brought out the second small feeder to warm up so I can replace the outside one with it in a bit. They're using the "heated" big one more frequently now, too. You-know-what is predicted for later this afternoon...about 2" but it's not supposed to stick. I keep checking the little feeder to see that it's not "slushing" up.


You're welcome, Jacki. I'm hoping for some fresh pictures after tomorrow and Thursday. Cheerie Lou is taking me to the inside Conservatory at Brookside after dental cleaning appt. tomorrow and the the outdoor lights display Thursday evening. With my camera of course.☺ Hugs


You're welcome, Ella. Happy you enjoyed these and will not get some to have at home. Yes, Christmas is coming. Hugs.🎄🎅


You're welcome, Jill. Some red ones for you.


You're welcome, Edna.


Thank you, Donna.


Beautiful photo Ardy. Thank you for the early Christmas Cheer. hugs


Christmas is coming. I have to buy these flowers. Thank you for reminding. They both are beautiful . Have a nice week and many hugs and greetings.


Delightful, thanks


Great colors, thanks Ardy .


Very nice photo of the plants.

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