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Birthday toilet roll 2 years ago

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My middle son Ben has OCD surrounding germs, so he used to hold tissue to open doors, turn on taps and lift the loo seat. We used to go through a LOT of loo roll, and more often than not he would leave the roll empty because he didn't want to touch the holder. He's much better now, but when he moved out I bought enough to fill all his cupboards as a house-warming lol! It got so bad at one point I saved the empty rolls and strung them across his bedroom :)
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Thank you Pepperpot; I bought him 72 rolls from Amazon at the start of the pandemic and he's been able to order more from them, so he's been OK. My family have weathered this particular storm well; hope you and yours have too xx

A fun puzzle to piece together and a very interesting back story. During a pandemic, most people become very cautious about germs ,but it probably is harder on those who have OCD surrounding germs. I hope that Ben has been able to keep his cupboards well stocked with loo roll and that your whole family has stayed safe.

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