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191206 Patterns

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  1. rebeccaofsunnybrook36:08
  2. smiller000137:52
  3. Alin41:13
  4. menschtuls44:38
  5. shudyma44:42
  6. PamelaLee3344:57
  7. bellums6647:22
  8. irelands48:32
  9. smiledawn48:50
  10. cihil50:07


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Same to you Bob, how nice of you to always leave a kind note.

Have a great holiday season MB. See you in 2020.


You did very well watching your weight and food and I hope the stomach trouble is gone. When I lost some overweight 2 years ago I felt more energized and happy. Keep up the good habits :-)


Thank you ADVIA for your comments. I do eat my vegetables and you are so right on the salt and fat, but not the carbohydrates. I weighed 285 pounds in January of 2019, and now I weigh 218. So you can see I watch my carbs. My Doctor says I am doing just fine for now, and I will try and keep up the eating habits I have, an work your puzzles as I can. Thanks The "Light" Tiger. 218 isn't too bad, right.

Lovely puzzle. Thank you.


How do you know I am faired haired? I was but the past years they turn brown only the white ones are fair. You may have been thinking of Susannchen. I imagine you suffer a big gap from the passing of your wife. Do you think she would love you see living long and healthy and cook simple healthy things or share cooking with a friend. If I would pass and my partner would eat out every day I would think he has too little vegetables, too much salt and fat and carbohydrates. Keep on working puzzles and lead a healthy life :-)


My Faired Haired ADVIA, this was a super puzzle. It took me a little over three hours, but enjoyed it every minuet. This was different from some of your other puzzles and I want to say it was great to figure out. Now just a little about my working it, I have had a little trouble with my stomach and I hope it has cleared up. But getting older isn't as much fun as everyone seems to think. I truly loved my wife and when she died twelve years ago, I have had to live a different life, and that isn't very much fun, if you know what I mean. I am not a very good cook, so I go to the Eatery about all the time. However you keep designing puzzles and I will try and work as many as I am able. Thank you for your work kiddo. The USA Tiger.


Thank you Joanne and Vicki. I'm so glad you liked it.

When I saw this one this morning I couldn't wait to start it. Thanks, Vicki


Hi Advia, I have a lot of your puzzles bookmarked and I'm enjoying them. I especially like the different shapes, colors, and patterns in this one. Thanks.


Thank you Jason, I added some more saturation usually I don't for solving it makes my eyes watering. I wish you enjoyable and fulfilling Holidays.


Love the textures :-)

Thank you, Advia.

Happy Holidays.

Best regards,

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