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She tried to catch the sun so that winter wouldn't come, but it's coming to the Ukraine too.

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The range of latitude in the Ukraine is from 44-ish to 52-ish, about the same as the northern half of the USA and southern part of Canada.

This means that they are experiencing the same length of day throughout the year as a person living in this hemisphere, at this latitude. So if I lived in the northern Ukraine I'd have the same experience of the length of the days throughout the changing seasons.
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  2. quickdraw1:27
  3. kenner621:32
  4. Pekaji1:33
  5. osersan1:40
  6. Judyly1:43
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  8. MeMaw231:50
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What a lovely shot! Thanks for sharing.


@Mazy Great Sun capture!
Miss your fun facts. understandable explanations & thought throughs, but most of all I miss u.... :-( Hope ur ok & just 2 busy flying the gorgeous skies of this world! Make me a horizonlooping when ur passing my house. ;-) Hope to hear you soon again, stay safe, lieve groetjes. :-)))


you may have 'all' my rain in return for a 'little' sun & warm....


84F and sunny no a mild breeze here. I will send you some warm temps if you will send a "little" bit of your rain. We are going to be starting in a drought situation if we don't get any rain shortly.


9°C last night (about 50) and heavy rain. Up to 13 now... I'd love some nice weather Cyndi!


How I would love to be able to send you some of our sunny and hot temps your way.


glad you guys like it. I just got home, chicken lasagne in the oven, nice bottle of French wine in fridge, me cozy as the weather deteriorates outside this evening and dusk falls from a grey and grumpy sky.


I love this one too!

thank you mazy, it's a very beautiful picture. enjoy your evening

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