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Felix, 3 years old soon. :D My 6 kg puddytat

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  1. raynin6221:09
  2. beckybiscuit21:32
  3. DeDonder24:55
  4. krenov27:19
  5. molly31:26
  6. chita102332:13
  8. nannepjuske38:46
  9. mare445640:37
  10. canoekaw43:25


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Thanks for the tips I will give it a try.I will post a puzzle just for you.


Hi Geoff, Many years ago I took an ability and speed test and it showed that I was way above average. My way of looking at anything I do is to find the most efficient and speediest way to accomplish what I want. So my process for solving puzzles is: first I build the edge and group all the other pieces into "piles" all the same shape. Once the edge is finished and the piles are ready I lay them out on the screen, usually the same shape pieces in the same area of screen. (I have a 24 in screen now which is a luxury on the eyes). I also know exactly how far I need to minimize the puzzle to fit everything on the screen (learnt through trial and error). I no longer check how many puzzles I have solved a day because it would be depressing! But I use probably an hour to an hour and a half a day on puzzles and yes I do have a life, work and free time to read, watch my favourite programmes, work in my garden and live life to the full. I am just fast...

Hi Annick. Can you give me the formula for being so quick to complete the puzzles of horses that I have put on the site . I think you top the list for most of the photographs that I have taken so I must send you every compliment and say well done.Please help me with a few tips because I never make the leader board and I take the photographs. Thanks. Geoff.


Felix looks like my Tango! Verrry handsome! :-))


Hi Jimmy, anything is possible. I live in Denmark so my long fur comes in handy. :D


Hi Felix, you look really great - will you come and visit me? I'm Jimmy from Switzerland and my weight is 7 kg... in winter ;-)

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