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Mr. Riley Supervising

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Mr. Riley's family brought the Christmas tree up from the basement today, and he is very involved in the supervision of decorating it! ☺☺
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Enjoyed solving this puzzle featuring Mr. Riley - thank you! ☺︎

Wishing you, Mr. Riley, and Mr. Riley's family a good Christmas today and a safe, healthy, and joyful new year.


Oh that'll be fun! Hope Santa Paws brought lots of toys and treats. :-) ♥


Thank you, Nillie. I will get to see him today!! ☺☺


Sorry, I saw Mr. Riley's picture just now... Handsome boy!!


Beyond words, as far as I know, he has left the tree alone! I will get an update on that soon, though! Thanks for stopping by! ☺☺

Glad to see Mr. Riley again. Has he left the tree alone?


I am sure he will be having more inspections as the tree decorating is completed! Here's hoping he will only LOOK and not TOUCH Tisketsmum !☺☺


Yes, Calluna, he certainly does! ☺☺


Mr Riley do you think those lights need a little rearranging? Maybe the feline touch :-))


Humans need constant supervision. Good to see Mr. Riley has the job in hand. LOL :DD




Oh yes, Jaklien! Mr. Riley LOVES "his" Christmas tree!


Apparently the cat is satisfied with the Christmas atmosphere.


Thank you, Kossamu! May you have a wonderful Christmas as well!


It’s so good to see Riley and being such a good boy not climbing the Christmas tree. Have a wonderful Christmas❤️❤️


Thanks, GG, I'm signing off now and head for bed! See you tomorrow. Have a good afternoon/evening/night too! ☺♥


Have a good night, Impie!! ☺♥


Thank you, GG ♥


This is the second year they've had an artificial tree, and they always keep Mr. Riley in mind when decorating it!! (Nonbreakable baubles on the lower part of the tree!) So far, he has never tried to climb it. May you have a wonderful Christmas as well, Impie!!


Thank you, Rebe!


Oh what fun, Riley :) I bet you'll take your 'job' very seriously and 'test' every now and again whether the baubles and bells are 'kitty proof' tied in the tree.... LOL
I hope this Christmas will be a good one for you and your family again! ♥☺♥


Handsome boy.

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