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Desserts Around The World - Finland - Runebergintorttu

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A dense, cylindrical cake made from wheat and almond flour, spiced with ginger and cadamon and soaked in rum/cognac sugar syrup. There is raspberry jam encircled by a ring of white or pink icing on top and the cake usually weights close to 100 grams.

The name refers to famous Finnish poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804 - 1877). His wife created the cake, which became his favorite. The origin story states that Runeberg asked his wife to make a cake but she had very limited ingredients, which led to this small but flavor-packed creation.
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@morepiecesplz I think the denseness is required in order to soak up the liquid and leave behind a cake, rather than pure mush. I like the origin story behind this cake and technically, you'd be homage to it by making any type of mini cake using whatever ingredients you have on hand. :)




It seems to me anything soaked in liquid, especially alcohol, is a dense cake. I'm sure there's some obvious reason there, but it escapes me at the moment. This sounds a bit like a gingerbread, so I'm keeping it in mind for the holidays (saying that before I read the recipe). Wouldn't these be lovely made in a smaller, individual size for a dinner?

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