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WEEKLY THEME: Weather.... ~~ Lightning ~~

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35 pieces
95 solves
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  1. kaz11:07
  2. evina561:18
  3. intrepidmel1:19
  4. jimez1:22
  5. like921151:23
  6. javasage1:23
  7. PLG19581:28
  8. foxymoron1:28
  9. riveroad1:32
  10. shirley681:33


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They just finished ready the 'Chicken Little' story.... so they're not worried....


I was thinking about the "peaceful" attribute, too, Sally! The animals seem to be saying "Storm? What storm?" :>)


Thanks Patti.... :) :)

Pumpkin, thank you for noticing the supernormal emanation... The conjuring is good fun when the supernatural powers work as designed..... :) :)


You have conjured up quite the storm....yet you have maintained a peaceful aura about the turbulence.


Wow -- gorgeous! Thanks, Sally!


Thank you all... So glad you all like the weather puzzle and all the little critters including the fox... I enjoy the sound of thunder and lightning storms... especially form inside a nice cozy house.... :) :)

Yes, Mimi I think we should add this house to our collection... The garden needs a little more work.... Maybe in the spring we can re-thatch the roof and plant really bright flowers.... :) :)

Thanks ?nauts.... Love the new Avatar pic... It's so.... so.... so.... ah... um... De Rigeur..... :) :)

I see Foxy in the right corner. Lovely puzzle.


Awesome pic. Thanks so much. Sorry to hear your travel plans didn't work out. Better luck next time!!


Beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful! Do you think the house would be a good addition to our Empire??????


Lovely, thanks


Gorgeous thanks Sally. Love the set today..........


That's a serious storm, you captured it well, love the sky with the flashes of lightning, Good theme puzzle Sally, Thank you :):)

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