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What a wonderful bird the frog are
When he sit he stand almost
When he hops he fly almost
He ain't got no sense hardly
He ain't got no tail hardly either
When he sit, he sit on what he ain't got, almost.
From; A Great Big Ugly Man Came Up and Tied His Horse To Me.
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Thanks, Bernadette!


Oh, ha ha! Good one K!

Perhaps that's why the frog got sent to the dunce stool!


Who wrote the 1+3=5 on the chalkboard, could it have been the teacher? It seems too high up for one of the students to reach, don't you think?


Oh, how observant you are June! I did not see him at all...he must be hiding because he forgot his homework!! LOL

I wouldn't want to teach this class! Do we have someone hiding under their desk next to the over-tired, must have a snooze frog?



Oh, okay, I understand now...not on the ball today, guess I had too much turkey yesterday, haha, yeah I'll blame it on that!

Yes, my comment referred to poor frog in the dunce cap. Sleeping frog in next in line for the cap! Thanks Bernadette! Fun puzzle


Hi Kathryn, did you notice the little frog asleep at his desk and the foggy sitting on the stool with the dunce cap on?

Somebody didn't "hop to" when the teacher said "leap".

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