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Lovely lake time

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When I disappear from Jigidi for a few days, this is what has pulled me away - time on a lovely lake (without wifi!).
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I've heard that is a beautiful area. Enjoy your weekend.


"My" lake (Waneta) is in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. It is not considered a Finger Lake itself, but it's in that area. It's small and fairly quiet and I do really enjoy going there. It's not winterized, so I only use it May through October, and that's okay. My mother grew up in that area which is how I know of it. Have a lovely.


What body of water do you look at these days? My parents had a cottage on a small lake in northern Illinois. A brother lived near the Atlantic in Florida, and my in-laws lived along the Mediterranean.


You are very welcome, raumo.


Thanks, Judy. I truly do enjoy it and am looking forward to a lovely Memorial Day weekend with friends - and probably a good bit of rain (which I'm not looking forward to). But with friends, it doesn't matter.


I'm so glad you enjoyed this one, Pam.


Thanks so much, dize5.


I catch up on my reading and my friends catch fish! Hopefully they catch fish and we can have them for dinner, Sandy. I went fishing once with my uncle - but putting worms on the hook really grossed me out - so that was my one and only attempt!


Thanks, Oputz.


I think that's what happened for me, Gaillou - many wonderful memories in the Finger Lakes in New York state from my youth. And the good fortune to be able to continue to enjoy watching an ever-changing body of water nowadays!


Thanks so much, Aunt_Rose. I do really enjoy my lake time - except for the lack of internet access. I am apparently in a dead spot - lucky me!!

Many thanks to you.


Nice. Enjoy your peaceful retreat.
Fun puzzle as always and I thank you!


Thanks for sharing your lovely time at the lake with us, Capn! This was a fun puzzle!


A great puzzle

Did you have a prosperous catch? Looks like many hours of fun were available. Thanks. Sandy




Years ago my folks had a lake home. I loved to visit them there. You are lucky to be able to have that time to refresh.

I am soooo jealous!! That is a WONDERFUL puzzle!! There are some beautiful pieces in there! Thank you Cap'n! And anytime you go to the lake, river, stream, water . . . ENJOY!!!! ; )

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