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Grandma was having a hard time with the mixer

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Speaks for itself-
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An invitation I can't refuse.
As long as that is only self raising flour :}}
Hope your safe and well


l agree, DJ


Giggle! Giggle! Giggle! This is too funny. I think Grandma is not having very nice thoughts right at the moment!!! (None that can be repeated out loud, anyway!) *LOL* dj


Hello, Sylvia- Thanks for your visit-


I'm not a big fan of these fully automitc machines either. I always use my older one which I have to hold in my hands. Poor Granny, you look like mess! Thank you, Jean for the fun!


Good morning, Bear-
Grandma, with her usual fortitude, wiped her eyes with her apron, thus getting white streaks on her face while she cleaned up the mess and carried on, this time slowly and carefully-

Poor Grandma, I hope she didn't cry!!! Thanks for the tip bjondron!! I will have to share that!!! LOL


Thanks for the chuckles, DizzyDame-

We've all been there, done that! Those mixers and flour are deadly combo at higher speeds. I had a lot in common with Grandma the last time I made pirag dough! LOL And, yes, the mixer does come with an attachment that acts like a lid around the beater. I just keep forgetting to put it on.


for fixing the roof, of course-
She is not giving up= she might reward you with a delicious piece of whatever she's concocting-


Depends on what you have in mind!


Good afternoon to you all-
l am so happy that you are enjoying this scene!

Birgit, l have the same pulls in black on "birch" cabinets- But l rent and they will just stay there... look terrific when l think of the pink bathroom!

Betty, you are lucky to have had such a grandmother- l never knew mine-

jonbee, l am delighted to have made you laugh!

John, are you olunteering?L'll pass your name along- LOL


As some of the world sees me!
Good afternoon Jean,
Think someone should fix the roof before it snows again!
It'll wrecks havoc with the soufflé!


Yes she baked and decorated all graduations, showers events also came out to farm and w/ my mom's help baked rum fruitcakes at Christmas, for yes. Many memories through childhood was also my Godmother.


Haha, oh this is so funny (except for her!)! That look on her face just says it all! I have a hand mixer that has some fancy "jump start" - every time I use it I think of this cute lil lady and practically lay over the bowl so this doesn't happen to me. Thanks for the laughs today!


That's funny...maybe time to stir by

Those kitchen cupboards look just like mine with the same hardware...a bit dated and that's why I'm changing them out this


L expected that this scene would evoke memories, Betty-


Thanks for the comment, lefty- l wonder whether they are available with lids? If not. there is a niche market-


My Aunt Gert (who did cakes) Had to wear two aprons! One in front and one on her butt, where she generally wiped off her hand. Marked!


There's something to be said for food processor with lid!


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I bet she still added that special ingredient into the mix. ;-)

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