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1400-1500 European fashion

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1400-1500 European fashion
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  1. Vadrouille10:57
  2. shinya12:12
  3. ratagonia13:18
  4. Ericdoro14:17
  5. LiveLoveLaff15:14
  6. Marieke2116:16
  7. annaroubos16:28
  8. sjenkins331017:20
  9. mvlindsay18:21
  10. Morewine18:48


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Thanks Babe. Enjoy your weekend to the max ♥♥ Hope to see you soon.♥♥

Same to you, sweet Haze, the angel of Barbados. xoxo JM


Thanks, JM. I certainly appreciate your heartfelt concern and your empathy towards us.
Time will heal.
Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. Love and blessings my dear friend.♥♥

Haze, I feel just Terrible for you! I don't know how you are getting through it and the pandemic just adds another level of pain. I don't know how I'd cope if I lost one of my sisters; it would be like losing part of myself. I'm so sorry. Then also to lose your mother-in-law --- at least she had many years. I'm so happy that you are now COVID free ... we have an awfully long road ahead here. It is inexplicable that so many people here are not taking it seriously. Know that I'm thinking of you, bright spirit! ♥♥♥♥♥♥



Nice to see you here. I miss you too. Hope you and yours are all fine.

You ran across my thoughts some weeks ago and I realized that we hadn't caught up in a while. Time goes by so quickly as we get older my friend. Since not catching up with you I lost my big sister Jan on May 4th and my mother-in-law on May 1st. My sister had dementia from age 64 while still at work- had a heart attack at 71 while and mother-in-law was in her 90's so she was up and down in health.

We are well and we know that we have been fortunate in all aspects of our lives b/cause we are now COVID free. Barbados has reopened with some restrictions, so we pray that the vaccine or whatever treatments are going to be available will rectify this horrible pandemic.

Have a wonderful day my friend and hope to see you soon again. ♥♥

Hello, Haze! It's been ages! I miss you! Lynne, this is beautiful. Thank you!


Good night. Same to you. xoxo


This was very beautiful Babykins, and thank you ♥ Sweet dreams dear-heart. We shall see each other tomorrow ♥♥


Thank you Gloria

Nice miss b


@Haze1952, @jmhoyer57, @AVYANN

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